Calvary Riverina welcomes first set of natural-born twins since 2012

A pigeon-pair of fraternal twins has brought joy and excitement to a family from The Rock and Calvary Riverina’s maternity unity.

Gemma and Alex Boutross welcomed their twin baby boy and girl on Wednesday, 19 July, making their family of eight now 10. The babies were a tightly-held secret.

Family of eight sit on hospital bed together holding newborn baby twins

The parents were supported during the delivery by Calvary Riverina’s recently appointed obstetrician Dr Marlene Bothma and the midwifery team.

“Alex and I are so grateful for the support provided by the whole team. There was a lot of planning behind the scenes that enabled me to have a peaceful and calm birthing experience. We are so blessed,” said Mrs Boutross.

Midwife Kate Nicholas, who is the Nurse Unit Manager of the St Gerards ward, said it was a privilege to be present at the birth, marking the first set of naturally-born twins at the hospital since 2012.

Team of female nurses stand at reception at Calvary Riverina hospital

Calvary Riverina’s Dr Marlene Bothma and members of the midwifery team.

“Our maternity unit has undergone some recent changes with the retirement of one obstetrican and the arrival of Dr Bothma, so this is a very exciting birth for our team and the family,” said Ms Nicholas.

“Obviously delivering two babies can be more complicated, but to do this without surgical intervention is a wonderful outcome for Gemma and her babies.”