Modern Slavery Act

Calvary is committed to the eradication of modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour. Pursuant to our mission, and the Modern Slavery Act 2018, we are actively addressing risks in our hiring practices, and supply chains of our business.

Calvary’s mission is to provide quality, compassionate health care to the most vulnerable, including those reaching the end of their life.

Our responsibilities as a health and care provider extend beyond our direct patients and clients. The spirit and mission of Calvary require us to care for anyone involved in the service we deliver every day.

We expect our Suppliers to share our responsibilities and values, to ensure that the welfare of people who experience poverty and vulnerability is not compromised.

Our commitment

Modern Slavery refers to any situation where a person is forced to work through coercion, or mental or physical threat:

  • where they may be owned, or controlled through threat of abuse;
  • where they may be dehumanized, and treated as a commodity;
  • where they may be constrained, or have restrictions placed on their movement.

Most concerning, modern slavery is often cloaked, and victims are often unable to raise the alarm.

Our approach

As part of our mission to deliver care, we engage staff from agencies, and purchase products across a wide range of industries, some of which we have assessed as high risk. Calvary is committed to working with our suppliers and front line staff to eradicate modern slavery from our supply chain, through:

Our Statement

In 2019, Calvary joined other Catholic entities and published its first Modern Slavery Statement.

Our Modern Slavery Statement for 2023, can be found here:

Download Calvary Modern Slavery Statement for 2023

The Catholic Response: Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network

Calvary is a member of the Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network (ACAN). ACAN brings together major Catholic entities to work collaboratively towards eradicating modern slavery. Through our membership, Calvary joins other Catholic organisations, such as schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, universities, and investment and insurance funds, sharing resources, knowledge, and experience to address a combined supply chain in excess of $15 billion per annum.

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