Mission and Values

The Spirit of Calvary

The Spirit of Calvary expresses how we care for each other, and how we care for our patients, our residents and our clients by ‘Being for Others’.

  • Everyone is welcome
  • You matter. We care about you.
  • Your family, those who care for you, and the wider community we serve, matter.
  • Your dignity guides and shapes the care we offer you.
  • Your physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social needs are important to us.
  • We will listen to you and to those who care for you. We will involve you in your care.
  • We will deliver care tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Your wellbeing inspires us to learn and improve.

Our Mission

Calvary brings the healing ministry of Jesus to those who are sick, dying and in need through “being for others”:

  • In the Spirit of Mary standing by her Son on Calvary
  • Through the provision of quality, responsive and compassionate health, community and aged care services
  • Based on Gospel values
  • In celebration of the rich heritage and story of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary

Our Vision

As a Catholic Health, Community and Aged Care provider, our vision is to excel, and to be recognised, as a continuing source of healing, hope and nurturing to the people and communities we serve.

Our Values

Our Values are visible in how we act and treat each other. We are stewards of the rich heritage of care and compassion of the Little Company of Mary. We are guided by these values:

   Values icon of hospitality


Hospitality demonstrates our response to the desire to be welcomed, to feel wanted and to belong. It is our responsibility to extend hospitality to all who come into contact with our Services by promoting connectedness, listening and responding openly.

   Values icon of healing


Healing demonstrates our desire to respond to the whole person by caring for their spiritual, psychological and physical wellbeing. It is our responsibility to value and consider the whole person, and to promote healing through reconnecting, reconciling and building relationships.

   Values icon of stewardship


Stewardship recognises that as individuals and as a community all we have has been given to us as a gift. It is our responsibility to manage these precious resources effectively now and for the future. We are responsible for striving for excellence, developing personal talents, material possessions, our environment, and handing on the tradition of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

   Values icon of respect


Respect recognises the value and dignity of every person who is associated with our Services. It is our responsibility to care for all with whom we come into contact with justice and compassion no matter what the circumstances, and we are prepared to stand up for what we believe and challenge behaviour that is contrary to our values.


Our logo expresses our Mission

Calvary logo

The cross, prominent in the logo, represents the life and ministry of Jesus and reminds us of the Spirit of Mary standing by her Son on Calvary. It also reflects that the care we provide is richly founded in Gospel values.

The open heart is a symbol of our commitment to responsive and compassionate health and aged care, through ‘being for others’. The brush strokes form the heart in a very simple and open way. They are an expression of our value of hospitality, our attitude of gracious receptivity in all we do.

The blue backdrop reminds us of the rich heritage of our founder Venerable Mary Potter and celebrates the story of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.