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Calvary Home Care Fact Sheets

Read the Fact Sheets below for tips, tricks and help. Print them out or save a digital copy to send to friends.

Bed Sticks/Poles

Bed sticks/poles are a readily available assistive technology.

Bed Rails

An adjustable device that can be attached to one or both sides of a bed.

Calvary Fact Sheet 01 - Top 10 Safety Tips
Top 10 Safety Tip

How to make your home
safe for independent


Dementia Friendly Dining

Creating a better dining
experience with simple
design principles.


Calvary Fact Sheet 02 - Compression Stockings
Compression Stockings

Reduces swelling and
improves blood flow in the
lower limbs.

Keep Active, Stay Strong

Learn about how physical
activity can reduce the risk
of falls.


Staying Healthy

Leading a healthy lifestyle and monitoring illnesses can help to prevent falls.


Strong Muscles and Bones

How keeping your bones and
muscles strong can help to
prevent falls.


Not All Breaks Are Lucky

How maintaining bone strength
can help to reduce the risk of
breaks from a fall.


Look After The Skin You’re In

Learn how to promote and to look after healthy, supple skin.

See Your Way Safe

Good eyesight helps you to keep your balance and maintain your safety and independence.


Look After Your Feet

Wear the correct type of footwear and protect your feet to help to reduce the risk of falls.


Dizziness and Loss of Balance

How to prevent becoming dizzy
or unbalanced to prevent falls.


Balance and Medicines

Some medications can affect your balance. Learn how to reduce the risk of falling.


Risky Business

Reducing personal risk
factors during the normal
ageing process.


Fall-Proofing Your Home

Learn how to remove hazards in
your home that may increase the
risk of falling.


Preparing for a Fall At Home

How to help yourself up,
and how to call for help,
after a fall.


First Aid For Falls

How to both treat and what
to do after you or someone
else has a fall.


Safety First

How to know what to do
and to safely assist someone
who has fallen.


Fall-Safe Home Design

Things to think about to
create a safe and liveable
home design.


Independence in Hospital

Information about and how to stay independent during a hospital stay.



Tips on what to do when loneliness sets in.


Calvary Fact Sheet 01 - Home Health Checklist
Home Health Checklist

Download the Calvary Community Care Home Health Checklist


Activities at Home

Tips to keep you engaged while at home.