Year of the Midwife and Nurse 2020

The World Health Organisation has declared 2020 is the International Year of Nurses and Midwives, with International Midwives Day celebrations on Tuesday, May 5th and International Nurses Day celebration on Tuesday, May 12th.

People and problem solving

As part of Calvary Mater Newcastle’s celebration of the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we meet Carolyn Barwik, New Grad, Perioperative Services. What does it mean to be a new grad? Being a new grad is somewhat equal parts exciting and nerve wracking. After three long years studying,

Finding her niche

As part of Calvary Mater Newcastle’s celebration of the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we play Hard Quiz with Sandra McKendry, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Surgery, Melanoma Unit. What does it mean to be a Clinical Nurse Consultant? A Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) is an advanced practice registered nurse

Jacob, Palliative Care Volunteer, Kogarah

Volunteering at Calvary Hospital Kogarah has been an incredible journey. It is without a doubt one of the most insightful experiences I have experienced throughout my life. I started my volunteer work in June 2018 assisting the physiotherapists in the Palliative Care gym. From the very first moment I walked

Margaret, Palliative Care Volunteer, Kogarah

Before I retired, I decided that I would volunteer time to an organisation that worked in direct contact with people; one that offered services to people who needed help to continue to live their lives to the fullest extent possible, to the very end of their lives. In researching organisations

Kerry, Palliative Care Volunteer

I worked for many years in the public health system both in hospitals and community settings. One of the things I enjoyed most was visiting people in their homes. This constantly reminded me that I was dealing with a person not just an illness. When I was looking for some

Proudly serving the people of Shepparton for more than 17 years

From 1 July 2020, some of Greater Shepparton City Council’s in-home support services will be directly managed by Calvary Community Care, supporting people to live independently in their own homes, and to actively participate in the Greater Shepparton community. These services are funded by the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Home Support

Calvary Community Care COVID-19 Update
Information for Community Care Services Clients

27 May 2020 Useful Links  Older Australians This fact sheet is for the information and advice of older Australians. It outlines the COVID-19 facts and the measures you, your family and friends can take to protect older Australians.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples  People with Chronic Health Conditions  People

Living on the edge

During a hectic weekend in late March, the Radiation Oncology department took possession of their new multi-million dollar Varian TrueBeam Edge linear accelerator. The TrueBeam Edge is a replacement for the old C-series accelerator in the Zeus bunker. Michael Barnes, Department of Radiation Oncology Senior Medical Physics Specialist, said, “The