Strategic Intent 2018-2023

You Matter. We care about you.



Our Mission

We bring the healing ministry of Jesus to those who are sick, dying and in need through “being for others”:

  • in the spirit of Mary standing by her son on Calvary;
  • through the provision of quality, responsive and compassionate health, community and aged care services;
  • based on Gospel values; and
  • in celebration of the rich heritage and story of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

Our Vision

As a Catholic Health, Community and Aged Care provider, to excel, and to be recognised as a continuing source of healing, hope and nurturing to the people and communities we serve.

Our Behaviours

  • We will be present, attentive and listen to each other.
  • We will recognise the achievements of others.
  • We will actively involve each other in decision making.
  • We will be transparent.
  • We will be accountable for our actions.
  • We will not look to shift blame.

Priority: A focus on quality and safety.

Build workforce capability to ensure that all staff understand and are supported to perform their roles and responsibilities with maximum effectiveness.

Create respectful, collaborative relationships with patients, residents, clients, families and community partners from which to grow compassionate, person-centered models of care.

Commit to zero preventable harm and reduce the unplanned variation that leads to such harm, within a ‘high reliability’ framework that prioritizes safety and continuous improvement.

Priority: Care of our people and our working environments.

Provide safe, equitable workplaces that are welcoming and respectful of all.

Attract diverse people who value making a difference and are willing to contribute a range of complementary skills, motivated by the spirit of ‘being for others’.

Entrust, support and equip people to make their best and most effective contribution to Calvary’s mission to provide ‘healing, hope and nurturing to the people and communities we serve.

Priority: Partnering and planning for the present and the future.

Anticipate future developments and be ready to respond to opportunities that will impact upon the communities that Calvary serves.

Research partnerships to meet health and social needs now and in the future.

Advocate for, and initiate responses to, unmet needs and people experiencing disadvantage in the communities we serve.

Priority: Caring for our resources.

Upgrade and maintain our facilities, ICT assets, infrastructure, and work environments and pursue innovative enterprise for the benefit of our people and our environment.

Sustain and develop new sources of funding to serve people now and in the future.

Create opportunities and partnerships to utilize our resources more effectively and efficiently in the service of others.

In 5 years’ time Calvary will…

Be the health, community and aged care provider of choice in the markets we serve in delivering integrated, seamless, safe and quality care with equity and compassion at its base that is appropriate to the individual and community’s needs.