Strategic aims for 2016 and beyond

Calvary’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, Our Mission in Action, is an expression of our intent to put the people for whom we are called to care front and centre, now and into the future.

Calvary Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (1MB)
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Calvary will engage in a much deeper way with other health industry sector participants, leveraging the unique service offering Calvary has, in bringing together public, private and voluntary providers in acute hospitals, sub-acute hospitals, retirement, aged care and home care.

The Hon. John Watkins, AM, Chairman of Little Company of Mary Health Care Limited, says

“because patients, residents and clients are at the centre of everything we do, we will actively engage in the pursuit of achieving improved care through better coordination of services.”

A key element of the plan is investing in technology to assist in building a high reliability culture.

We envisage that significant beneficiaries of our improved care will be the increasing number of older people with multiple chronic diseases and those at the end of life.

For more information see the 2016 Strategic Aims below.

Put the person and family at the centre of care in all settings, continuing to focus on palliative and end-of-life care.

  • Be the thought leader in palliative and end of life care, influencing how the sector thinks about and approaches this.
  • Engage those we care for and their families in shared decision-making respecting the values, needs and preferences of the individuals.
  • Promote a culture that embraces, expects and rewards the delivery of patient-and family-centred care.

Sustain the ability of hospitals, aged care facilities and community care services to provide quality and compassionate care in the communities we serve.

  • Renew and grow our services to deliver quality care to more in a sustainable way at a group level.
  • Develop, attract and retain the capability for today and the future, leveraging on size and systems.
  • Invest in leadership capability and formation.

Improve the delivery system in order to promote effective, equitable, quality care, and ensure patient, resident and client safety.

  • Build confidence that we are delivering our services in line with our mission and our Catholic identity.
  • Leverage size and influence with Catholic health providers, as well as suppliers and funders.
  • Delivery of highly reliable, compassionate care in every instance.
  • Create pathways to recruit, develop, integrate and engage excellent staff and clinicians.

Grow, integrate and innovate within our ‘circle of competence’ within the environment we operate.

  • Develop close linkages between streams and develop the one Calvary.
  • Leverage economies of scale and investments in core systems and technology.
  • Influence government better to serve the communities where Calvary is present, and within Calvary’s areas of expertise and competence.
  • Focus capital investment building a stronger presence in the communities in which we serve.
  • Invest in complementary, new lines of business to enhance the care we can offer.
  • Invest in research and establish Calvary as a thought leader in integrated care.
  • Accelerated investment in a fully-implemented integrated system – a digital environment putting the people we serve in the centre.
  • Actively explore growth opportunities for quality aged, palliative and end-of-life, hospital and community care services.

We believe this plan is consistent with the spirit shown by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary. The Sisters who founded the Australian ministry adapted to change and took on new challenges as they arose.