Calendar Girls

Researchers Jennette Sakoff and Jayne Gilbert from our Medical Oncology Research (MOR) Laboratory welcomed some special Calendar Girls who recently starred on A Current Affair.

Beryl Yates and Lyndal Little, otherwise known as Miss January and Miss December, are part of a group of mature aged women from Signature Gardens Retirement Village in Rutherford, who presented a $3000 cheque to the MOR group to go towards pancreatic cancer research.

The money was raised through the sales of a “risqué” calendar that they produced as a bit fun during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Now that the group of ladies have found some common ground, every morning the cow bell is rung and they come from all corners of the resort for a coffee and a chinwag.

Amongst much laughter, these ladies are now fully fledged Cow Bell Calendar Girls.

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