In this section we’ll explain a little more about the patient accommodation at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, as well as provide some information on local places to stay for visitors.

Rooms at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce

Most patients in Calvary Public Hospital Bruce will be accommodated in a share room. Most rooms are shared between two patients, but there are also a number of four-share rooms.

Each bed has a small set of drawers next to it for your personal belongings. There is not much room though, so please don’t bring too many things with you.

All our rooms have the following features and facilities:

  • Adjustable bed
  • Bedside phone
  • Bathroom and Toilet
  • Small set of drawers for personal belongings
  • Television and radio

At times patients may be relocated within their ward or transferred to another ward to continue their care.

Single rooms are assigned based on clinical priority determined by the individual patient’s medical needs.

Visitor accommodation

If you’re an immediate family member, or a carer of an interstate patient admitted to Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, you may be eligible to stay at Rotary Cottage.

Rotary Cottage offers modestly priced on-campus accommodation and has ensuite rooms with access to a shared lounge and kitchen.

To enquire about staying in Rotary Cottage call the Calvary Hospitality Administration Officer on 02 6201 6111.

If you’re looking for accommodation near the hospital, please note that we’re located about 10 minutes driving time from the city centre and North Canberra, and five minutes from Belconnen.

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