Visiting hours

At Calvary John James Hospital we understand that having visitors is an important part of ensuring the well-being and recovery of our patients.

We ask that any visitors comply with the following guidelines, which are for the comfort and safety of our patients. Children are welcome to visit but must be under adult supervision at all times.

COVID-19 Updates

Child visitors (aged 0-17 years). We request that child visitors do not visit at this time. Where a child does visit an exemption must be sought  with the Director of Clinical Services or delegate. Child visitors must be under the direct supervision of an adult carer at all times.

Please note that in addition to the below, further visitor restrictions may have been introduced to help us stop the spread of COVID-19. For more information visit our COVID-19 updates page.


Visiting Hours

General Wards:


Rest period is 2.00pm–4.00pm
No visitors during this time as new mums need their rest.

Intensive Care Unit:
Visitors to ICU can access the unit via the Aubrey Tow Medical Ward. To gain access to the unit, please ring the bell located on the wall adjacent to the ICU entry. A member of the ICU nursing staff will assist you. Please note that no flowers or plants are permitted in ICU.

We may in some circumstances permit visits outside of normal visiting hours; please speak with the Nurse Unit Manager or After Hours Nurse Manager if required.