Services and clinics

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we offer a high standard of patient care to the communities of Launceston and its surrounds, as well as a comprehensive range of health services.

Clinics, surgery and specialist centres

Calvary reinvests in a range of specialty service centres to meet the needs of our local communities.

Calvary Launceston’s day infusion unit, currently located at our Calvary St Vincent’s Hospital, offers a variety of treatments for a host of medical, autoimmune and haematological conditions.

Our expert team co-ordinates and administers timely treatment, proving emotional support and ongoing education to our clients. Treatments include:

  • Biologic response modifiers (biologic therapies) for a wide variety of autoimmune conditions – including, but not limited to:
    – Neurology
    – Gastroenterology
  • Haematological conditions requiring supportive therapies:
    – Administration of blood products – blood, platelets, IVIG, biostate
    – Venesections for haemochromatosis/polycythaemia
  • Ferinject infusions for iron deficient anaemia for:
    – Obstetric, medical & pre-operative patients
  • Variety of Infusions for any medical condition not requiring an overnight stay.

Calvary Launceston, St Vincent’s Campus – Day Infusion Unit, Level 2, 5 Frederick Street, Launceston

Tuesday and Thursday, 8am – 4.30pm (Monday and Wednesday as required)

0428 121 974

03 6332 4825

03 6332 4924

[email protected]

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we are committed to providing holistic care for individuals requesting support for their emotional and psychological care. The 13 bed Mental Health facility provides a holistic treatment framework of care that is structured but flexible in accommodating the needs of the client and carers. Calvary Clinic staff work in collaboration with the client and carers in promoting recovery and growth.

Calvary Clinic cater for clients requesting symptom reduction, motivation, learning new skills to improve well-being.

Both day and overnight patient services are available and we also offer support programs for carers.


Our Mental Health programs are available to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Have private health insurance
  • Have MAIB, DVA, Workers Compensation or are self-insured
  • Are admitted on a voluntary basis
  • Are eighteen years and over

Referral by GP, another hospital or psychiatrist – download referral form

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital, Level 2

24 hours

03 6335 3249

The Calvary St Luke’s Hospital Pre-admission Clinic is a free service, which provides patients with information and support. Our goal is to better understand your needs and ensure you have a positive stay with us.

How it works

One of our registered nurses will see you or contact you approximately one week prior to your admission to hospital to:

  • Discuss your care before and after surgery
  • Check your health history and complete other admission paperwork
  • Provide you with any necessary pre-operative instructions
  • Check you have had any tests ordered by your doctor
  • Commence discharge planning to help plan for your return home
  • Answer any questions you may have

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital Pre-admission Clinic Level 1

Monday to Friday, 8am – 3pm

03 6335 3258

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we offer surgical procedures for patients who require overnight stays. If you don’t require an overnight stay you will be treated in day surgery.

Surgeries offered at Calvary St Luke’s Hospital include:

  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • ENT surgery
  • Dental surgery


Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital

Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5pm

03 6335 3333

Care and support services

At Calvary, we care about your physical, spiritual and emotional needs. These support services are available to our patients as part of our holistic care.

Occupational therapy helps people take part in everyday activities.  We provide occupational therapy assessment and intervention for all cases including:

  • Home assessments and setup
  • Assistive devices and adaptation
  • Personal care tasks
  • Domestic tasks
  • Community access and integration
  • Return to work

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital, occupational therapists work as part of a multi-disciplinary team covering all inpatient areas as required including:

  • Palliative care
  • Post-orthopaedic surgery
  • Psychological services

Occupational therapists are focused on helping you maintain your independence, mobility and safety. They can look at your environment and work with you and your family to find the right equipment and suggest minor modifications to make life easier.

Occupational therapists can help you to organise for minor work to be completed and can help you access to any necessary equipment through the equipment providers around Launceston.

Referral by admitting doctor or any member of the multidisciplinary team

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital across all services

Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5pm

03 6335 3333 – please ask for St Luke’s occupational therapists

When visiting the hospital

If you have a planned admission to Calvary St Luke’s Hospital you will have the opportunity to describe your disability and appropriate arrangements can be included in your admission process.

During your admission, members of our occupational therapy and other allied health services may join the team providing your care. Your team will talk with you about interim or long-term services to assist with any temporary disability or enduring issues arising from your treatment or pre-existing condition.

 Referrals will be provided to agencies that can assist with disability support services.

Disability support at home

Calvary Home Care provides a range of disability services in the home. We support disabled children, adults and older people to be as independent as possible and become actively involved in their local community.

Calvary Home Care can also help with managing Individual Support Package (ISP) and funding allocations

 Calvary Home Care – in your home

1300 797 522


At Calvary, we can help with the practical arrangements involved in returning home from hospital. We can also support you during your recovery.

Calvary Home Care

Calvary Home Care’s Hospital to Home service can be provided under a government subsidised support package (if you’re eligible), delivered on a private basis, or as a combination of the two.

Calvary Home Care can help with everyday tasks to help you recover safely and quickly. It is also useful to consider Home Care services if you have a carer, who may not be able to safely move or bathe you; may need a break; or may need time away from home to do other things. Calvary Home Care services include:

  • Transport to and from hospital appointments and for everyday tasks
  • Cooking and grocery shopping
  • Dressing and showering
  • Cleaning and household maintenance
  • Respite care


 Referral is not required, your care team will discuss with you

 In your home


 1300 797 522

 Visit website

Palliative care focuses on supporting patients who are approaching or reaching the end of their life.

The goal is to help patients achieve dignity, comfort and maximise the quality of life for the patient, family and loved ones.

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we do this through:

  • Delivering care based on individual needs
  • Plan care utilizing a multidisciplinary team
  • Managing distressing symptoms
  • Supporting the bereaved
  • Teaching the family how to care for the patient

We provide palliative care as an inpatient service, at home or in residential facilities. Patients can be admitted for pain and symptom management, respite care or terminal care.

 Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital, Melwood Unit, Level 4


 03 6335 3345

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we offer compassionate emotional support and spiritual care for you, your family and friends. Our Pastoral Care Service acknowledges your beliefs, important relationships and all that is meaningful for you. It affirms your intrinsic value as a person.

Pastoral care can help if you are:

  • Emotionally distressed
  • Struggling with a sense of purpose or meaning
  • Experiencing a time of crisis
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Grieving a loss
  • Making important decisions
  • Needing support with your religious/spiritual practice
  • Wishing to contact a priest or minister of religion
  • Preparing for death

Referral is not required

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital across all services

7am – 10pm

If you would like a visit from Pastoral Care please ask a staff member

Physiotherapists assess and develop programs to improve a patient’s strength, mobility, movement and function. Our team offer advice on personal mobility and safety in both individual and group sessions.

Our physiotherapy team can help with:

  • Education
  • Managing lung conditions
  • Managing lymphoedema
  • Moving around in bed
  • Using equipment such as walking aids, splints and collars
  • Prescribing exercises to help build strength and endurance
  • Transferring from a bed to a chair
  • Walking

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital physiotherapy is provided as required to:

  • Palliative care
  • Medical patients
  • Pre-admission clinic
  • Post-orthopaedic surgery
  • Psychological services

Referral by admitting doctor or a member of the multidisciplinary team

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital across all services


 03 6335 3333 please ask for St Luke’s physiotherapists

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we utilise an on-site pharmacy situated at St Vincent’s Hospital, managed by HPS Pharmacies.

HPS Pharmacy stocks a broad range of medications for inpatients including highly specialised medicines such as chemotherapy products. HPS Pharmacies can also fill prescriptions for public patients that have been written by a doctor associated with the hospital.

HPS Pharmacies is located on-site at Calvary St Vincent’s Hospital and also delivers medications to patients at Calvary’s St Luke’s Hospital.

It is important for all patients to bring their current medications and prescriptions when being admitted to hospital as this will assist the clinical pharmacist when performing a medication review.

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare provider

Level 1, 5 Frederick Street Launceston

Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 2pm

03 6236 4110

Our rehabilitation program combines the expertise of medical specialists, nurses and allied health professionals to provide you with the highest quality of care.

This multi-disciplinary approach helps in achieving successful outcomes, improving your physical condition and helping you to return to your everyday activities.

We offer rehabilitation for the following cases:

  • After orthopaedic surgery, such as joint replacement
  • Acute musculoskeletal injury, fracture of dysfunction
  • After cardiac surgery
  • After spinal surgery
  • Deconditioning following an operation or period of illness
  • Deconditioning following a period of immobility
  • Chronic disease including MS, Parkinsons disease, respiratory disease, musculoskeletal disease, chronic pain
  • Frequent falls, reduced mobility

Suitable candidates will need:

  • Private insurance for a hospital stay, including DVA or compensable bodies
  • A set discharge destination and supports
  • Achievable rehabilitation goals and ability to actively participate in rehabilitation
  • To be medically stable

Our Calvary St Luke’s Hospital Rehabilitation Unit includes a gymnasium, dining area and spacious rooms.

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare provider. Download referral form

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital, Level 4

Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm

03 6335 3345

Respite care is provided as

  • nursing support for a patient when coming home from hospital
  • short term nursing care in or outside the home
  • a support service for carers. It provides time away from their carer role confident that their loved one is being looked after.

Calvary Home Care

Calvary Home Care provides a range of respite options available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services can be delivered in the home or a Support Worker can accompany the family member while the carer takes a break.

 Referral is not required

 In your home


 1300 797 522

 Visit website

Social Work involves working with patients to help them achieve goals and ensure safe discharge from hospital back into the community. Social work is carried out in collaboration with patients and families as well as Doctors, Nurses and other allied health professionals.

Patients may have spent a long time in hospital and it’s important to:

  • Access services that may not previously have been required
  • Make difficult decisions regarding health care
  • Confirm future plans

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital, social workers help patients with:

  • Aged care placements
  • Adjusting to illness
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Home care placements
  • Coordinating family meetings
  • Discharge planning
  • Information and education
  • Post-surgery services
  • Short term counselling
  • Transport options

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare provider, by admitting doctor or a member of the multidisciplinary team – download referral form

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital across all services


03 6335 3333

Tests and diagnostic services

Diagnostic services cover a range of scans, x-rays and laboratory tests used by specialists to determine the cause of an illness.

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we offer the following range of diagnostic services.

At Calvary St Luke’s Hospital we have an on-site radiology department, managed by Regional Imaging. 

The radiology service at Calvary St Luke’s Hospital can help with: 

  • General ultrasounds
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Musculoskeletal imaging
  • Vascular and soft tissue ultrasound
  • X-rays
  • Fluoroscopy

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers – download referral form

Calvary St Luke’s Hospital, Level 3

Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

03 6332 7400

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