Brochures and links

Here you’ll find a collection of useful resources for Calvary Public Hospital Bruce patients and visitors.

Your Pregnancy ePack

The following links take you to information that is essential reading for pregnancy and preparing for birth

information for women from a non-English speaking background.

Eating well and weight gain

Good Nutrition in Pregnancy

Listeria and Food

Pregnancy and Weight gain

Caffeine during Pregnancy

Ramadan and Pregnancy

Immunisations for Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Immunisation

Pertussis (whooping cough) Vaccination for pregnant women

Baby Movements in Pregnancy

Baby’s Movements

Your Baby’s Movements


Breastfeeding ACT Fact Sheets

Breastfeeding your baby

Antenatal Expressing Fact Sheet

Things to Consider for Birth

Group B Streptococcus Information

Management of Third Stage Labour

Promoting Normal Labour and Birth

Vitamin K information

Hepatitis B vaccination for baby

Emotional Wellbeing

Healthy Families

Other Useful Maternity Information

Comprehensive Information for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period

Hypertension In Pregnancy

Vitamin D information

Antenatal Perineal Massage

Induction of Labour

SIDS and Safe Sleeping

Fact Sheet Video & Other Recording etc

Information from the Special Care Nursery

Family Centered Care (448 kB)

Increasing your Milk Supply (504 kB)

Special Care Nursery (SCN) Brochure (547 kB)

SCN Noise Levels and Quiet Time (325 kB)

Preparation of Formula for your Baby (620 kB)

Understanding your baby’s cues (621 kB)

Use of Nipple Shields for Preterm Infants (341 kB)

Infection Control Fact Sheets

Hand Hygiene (412 kB)

Clostridium Difficle Asso (183 kB)

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (427 kB)

Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (182 kB)