Birth and postnatal support

When to come in

Always call and discuss your situation before coming in to the Maternity service on 08 8239 9146. A midwife will advise if you should come into the hospital.

When you arrive, go straight to our Maternity Unit on the second floor.

After your baby is born

After birth, your baby remains with you. ‘Rooming in’ is encouraged for all mothers and babies. Having your baby with you promotes early bonding and establishment of feeding.
Your midwife will provide support and assistance to you with care and feeding of your baby. Contrary to popular opinion, mothers who have their babies with them at night do not lose sleep, in comparison with mothers whose babies are in a nursery. In fact, there may be some beneficial effects including better quality sleep. You are less likely to be disturbed by the sound of other babies in the night.

We welcome the family as a whole and as such do not restrict visiting times for fathers and other children, however children under 16 are not permitted within the SCN.

Calvary North Adelaide aims to provide services of the highest quality to support breastfeeding mothers.

Bedside assistance is provided by our midwives and internationally qualified Lactation Consultants and we encourage mothers to attend the post-natal lactation clinic.

Going home from hospital

Going home with your baby is an exciting time. It is also a time of new experiences. Our midwives offer 24 hour support, 7 days a week when you need help and guidance and are only a phone call away.


We offer guidance before and after the birth of your child with ongoing support through our post-natal clinic. We follow the “World Health Organisation top 10 steps to successful breastfeeding” and our certified lactation consultants are available to offer individual advice and support to mothers who may be having issues with breast feeding.


Inpatient and clinic lactation support is offered to all new mothers.

These workshops are conducted by our Internationally Certified Lactation Consultants and help educate parents in the various aspects of breast feeding.

 24 hour phone support: Call our midwives on 08 8239 9146

 Cost: Free for women who have given birth at Calvary North Adelaide

Before you leave ensure that you have been given your Birth Registration papers, Centrelink pack and Blue Baby Personal Health record book. Centrelink papers cannot be reissued by the Hospital if you misplace them, so please ensure these documents are stored in a safe place.

Calvary North Adelaide Hospital holds postnatal Calvary Babies Parent Groups on Wednesdays, 10am-12 noon, every fortnight in Connery Room 2.* These popular, casual occasions are designed for new parents to get together and chat. New friendships are often formed and midwives are present to discuss your progress.

The group is for babies born at Calvary, aged up to around six months (before little ones are mobile). They meet in Connery House room 2, which is the large building opposite Hudson’s (next to the chapel).

Bookings are not required prior to attending the Parent Group, but please don’t attend if you are feeling unwell.

* Dates marked below are 9:30-11:30am in Connery Room 1.
2024 dates
17 April
1 May
15 May
29 May*
12 June
26 June *

Contact us

For further information or enquiries, please contact the Maternity Unit between 9am – 4pm.

 Call: 08 8239 9146 | Fax: 08 8239 9115