Visit from past nurse unveils some treasures

Last week we were lucky enough to be visited by a former nurse of Calvary Hobart. She completed her training in the 1960’s.

Our lovely nurse brought with her a number of Graduation Programs from her early years nursing from the 60’s and 70’s.  These immaculately preserved booklets contained annual reports of the hospital as well as results of nursing examinations. We have been able to scan the contents of the booklets and will share some interesting snippets from them with you in coming weeks. Copies will also be supplied to Brenda Boyle in our Archives Department for their collection. (Brenda is pictured below).

Accompanying our visitor was a small graduation doll which she said had been dressed in the uniform of the Calvary Trained Nurse by the late Sr Virgilius McShane LCM. Sister Virgilius always had on hand dressed dolls ready for each nurse at the party held at the hospital on the night that results of final examinations were received.

This doll pictured at the beginning of this article was as you can see still in pristine condition after 50+ years. We were assured that they were most treasured by all of the recipient nurses.