Celebrating Aged Care Employee Day

Aged Care Employee Day is celebrated on Sunday 7 August and recognises the incredibly valuable contribution of all individuals and teams who are involved in aged care services.

From nurses, support workers, care staff, servery and catering teams, through to cleaners, laundry staff, lifestyle coordinators, gardeners and administration teams, everyone plays an important part in delivering safe, high quality, compassionate care to our aged care residents and clients.

To our Calvary residential aged care and our community care teams who make a difference in the lives of our residents and clients we want to say Thanks for caring.


How we’re acknowledging Aged Care Employee Day 2022 at Calvary

Our communications are focussed on the simplicity of saying thank you, and are aligned with this year’s Aged Care Employee Day theme of Thanks for Caring. Below is a snapshot of the communications activity planned for this year:

2022 Communication Activity
From Sun 7 August Event celebrations across sites – event kit provided
Sun 7 August Social media post on Aged Care Employee Day
Sun 7 August Email to staff on Aged Care Employee Day from Calvary
Mon 8 August SMS to staff with video message from residents & clients
Tues 9 August Message From Martin Bowles, National CEO to all staff
Wed 10 August Social media post sharing site celebrations

Celebrate in your own way

  • An event kit will be posted to all of our aged care and community care sites, to arrive prior to Sunday 7 August. The kit contains a few printed items and ideas to help sites celebrate Aged Care Employee Day.
  • If sites wish to print additional copies of invitations, posters or thank a teammate card, these items can be found in the resources below
  • We encourage each site to celebrate Aged Care Employee Day in their own way – for example some may hold staff morning teas, lunches, and others will share in breakfast BBQs or order in pizzas for the night staff.

We hope all of our aged care and community care staff are able to enjoy Aged Care Employee Day in some way this year. To each and every member of staff, thanks for caring.