Nancy comes home to her happy place

Calvary Mirridong, in Bendigo, Victoria, was once named “Bendigo Blind Home”. In 1960, a local radio station ran a “Give it a Name” competition to rename the home. There were 490 entries submitted and the winning entry “Mirridong”, meaning happy home, came from Nancy Winzar.

Nancy, who is now 94 years old, has come full circle and moved into her ‘happy home’ last month as a resident. Yesterday, she was interviewed by ABC radio Bendigo where talked about where she found the name “Mirridong” and moving into the home.

Asked if she ever thought she would find herself there, she was quick with her answer.

“Never – I didn’t even think I’d be here at 94 years of age,” she said. “I used to joke in the old days that I suppose I will end up there, but I never thought I would.”

And yes, she is very happy there. Welcome Nancy!