Alan and Jackie’s story: 40 Valentine’s Days together

Alan and Jackie are celebrating their 40th Valentine’s Day together in a “month of love” with their 39th wedding anniversary in the coming weeks.

The couple met through mutual friends at a celebration, with Jackie saying her now husband was “eyeing” her. “I fell in love with her immediately,” Alan said, whereas Jackie said she required “a little more convincing”.

A month of romance

The pair, who reside at Dalton Gardens at Calvary’s retirement village in Ryde, said Valentine’s Day often turns into a month of romance because their wedding anniversary is in March which they often celebrate with a weekend away to Tea Gardens and a romantic seafood dinner, but this year they have different plans. 

“We are going for lunch and then on a holiday,” Jackie said, describing the couple’s exciting plans to celebrate.

The pair said after four decades together, the novelty of the special occasion has not worn off.

“We enjoy being together, we do everything together,” Alan said.

Advice for couples

The pair say they feel lucky to have found each other and lived their lives together. Having originally come to Australia from France and England, the couple say they have loved their life down under. “We both love living here and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” Jackie said.

Jackie and Alan’s advice for singles and couples is to “give each other space.”

“I think that’s important, it’s not good to be too tied up at the hip,” Jackie said. “Also, don’t go to bed angry.”