Calvary sets a new benchmark for integrated care

By Shannon Thompson, Calvary Kooyong General Manager

Older Australians are demanding care and services that allow them to age in place, and Calvary is proudly leading the charge in investing and developing genuine integrated care models to support these desires.

Our Calvary Care System is strategically enabling our existing services to operate well, and enhance our service delivery with access to pathways that help to generate more integrated services. In some cases this integration coordinates across multiple sites.

However, our landmark Kooyong precinct co-locates health services on a single site to deliver integrated care on a level that combines primary, virtual, secondary and acute care to support clients, residents and patients through multidisciplinary care to meet their changing needs as they age.

Kooyong brings together specialist hospital care for neurological conditions and palliative care services at Calvary Bethlehem, alongside premium retirement living, contemporary residential aged care, home care, GP, and other services.

Modern lounge area looks out over outdoor terrace with views of Melbourne

Sky Terrace at Hyson Apartments, Calvary Kooyong’s retirement living complex

Each service on site shares infrastructure while operating independently, but can also be coordinated to deliver integrated care that is tailored to benefit individual residents and patients. This is where the Calvary Care System really comes into play at Kooyong, as we can draw on our expertise across various streams and our partnerships with other services to deliver a uniquely integrated care model.

Couple this with the efforts to create a sense of community and belonging for patients, residents and staff at Kooyong, and we are effectively generating an environment that is caring, safe and very much aligned with our Mission of being for others.

female art therapist sets up paints and brush sets for patients attending therapy class

We have built a thriving community ensuring the whole person is nurtured, in some cases even before an individual identifies a specific need for direct care. We are also working with prospective residents before they join our community and creating pathways for them to maintain connections with their existing providers, generating new opportunities to access holistic healthcare on site and immersing themselves in the supports we do provide.

In the short six months since opening Kooyong, we have already seen the benefits of how this next level of integrated care is evolving and we are excited to see that potential harnessed by many more residents and patients in the future.