NCEO Leadership Awards 2022

Each year, the NCEO Leadership Award and NCEO Emerging Leader Awards recognise and celebrate our employees who have made outstanding contributions to Calvary and the people we serve. Yet again, so many of you have gone above and beyond in the past year and I wish to thank you for your commitment, care and personal leadership through challenging times.

I am very pleased to be able to share with you this year’s winners below.


This prestigious award recognises and celebrates individuals who demonstrate behaviours that exemplify our values, transform people and have a broad and lasting impact on those they lead.

Sandeep Kandel, General Manager Aged Care – Hunter-Manning

This prestigious Award recognises Sandeep’s rare talent of combining both key clinical and business competencies to inspire and guide those around him, and consistently deliver successful organisational outcomes and service delivery excellence for Calvary.

Those who work with Sandeep, know that he brings to life what ‘being for others’ truly means at Calvary, every day. Sandeep’s authenticity and genuine care for others, together with his empathetic and inspiring leadership, allow him to successfully navigate challenges, providing much needed clarity and reassurance to staff, residents and families alike when it is most needed.

Additionally, Sandeep has consistently demonstrated a commitment towards continuous improvement at Calvary, proactively pursuing opportunities for technological improvements, in particular, that will impact our delivery of service at Calvary. With an innate ability to remain calm under all circumstances, Sandeep motivates and inspires those around him and is a well-deserved recipient of the 2022 NCEO Leadership Award.

This prestigious award recognises individuals who make significant contributions to Calvary and show strong emerging leadership capabilities. Congratulations to our five Award winners below.

Dana Ieraci, General Manager Aged Care – Southern Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Dana’s Award recognises his outstanding approach towards providing compassionate care, often going above and beyond the confines of his role for his team, residents, families and the community. Dana demonstrates what ‘being for others’ means every day, always seeking new, innovative ways to address problems and create new opportunities for growth and connectedness at Calvary. Dana has been a significant contributor to the integration process at Calvary and is always keen to share his knowledge and insights to ensure the highest standards of care for our residents.

During the integration process, Dana led from the front, and is always fully engaged and supportive of all activities, often beyond the reach of his own region.

Dana is innovative, always seeking alternative ways to address problems and create new opportunities. This innovative thinking was particularly evident in the commencement of the Peninsula Bus to address staffing shortages in that area; this has proven to be successful.

Congratulations Dana!

Michele Connors, National Manager Payroll Services

Michele’s Award recognises her exemplary leadership skills and positive attitude, which, together with outstanding technical and strategic expertise, have had a significant impact on the payroll function at Calvary. Michele’s results-focused approach has seen her consistently deliver successful outcomes over the last 12 months, whilst also leading and inspiring her team to work through a number of complex organisational challenges.

Michele is a highly skilled payroll manager, both technically and strategically, and has the trust and confidence of the executive team. She has built strong relationships across the organisation and should be proud of the training her team is delivering in our new homes.

Congratulations Michele!

Sandra Roodt, National Manager Infection Prevention Control

Sandra’s Award recognises her passion and commitment towards quality and safety at Calvary, in particular the safety of our staff and residents. Sandra’s strong leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, together with exceptional technical skills and knowledge, have seen Sandra develop and significantly improve our quality processes, documentation and general preparedness for outbreaks. Sandra shows us what ‘being for others’ is all about by consistently putting the needs of her team, residents and the organisation before her own.

Sandra also demonstrates empathy and compassion in all decision making, and successfully manages the balance between ensuring correct infection prevention control practices and the wellbeing of staff and residents.

Congratulations Sandra!

Tony Antonios, Head of Enterprise PMO

Tony’s Award recognises the significant impact he has made at Calvary, not only through the delivery of a successful Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) but also through his values-led approach in all he undertakes. Tony’s leadership style is open, collaborative and supportive, and his thoughtful guidance, together with his positive enthusiasm inspires and motivates those around him. Tony’s delivery of an organisational-wide EPMO has significantly improved our approach towards program and change management, actively supporting the delivery of large scale transformation across Calvary.

Tony successfully established and scaled the EPMO function across hospitals (public and private), residential aged care, home care, virtual care and internal operations. This has delivered a single view for nationally significant programs across the organisation and lifted our approach to program and change management, ensuring the successful delivery of large scale transformation in Calvary

Tony has also led the design and execution of a range of nationally significant programs of work, spanning operational excellence, new service design and launch in the market, merger /acquisition & divestment, and business transformation. Tony proactively leans in to support leaders in grappling with how to deliver complex programs of work.

Congratulations Tony!

Jess Roberts, Manager Board & Executive Services

Jess’s Award recognises her success and consistency in driving efficiencies and streamlining processes to improve service delivery across the organisation. Jess’s courage to speak up, and respectfully question her colleagues and leaders when she knows there may be a better way to do things, is one of Jess’s strongest leadership qualities. Jess consistently goes above and beyond in providing support to the Calvary National Executive Leadership Team (NELT) and is a well-respected ‘voice of reason’ within the team.

Supporting the organisation with what has been a challenging twelve months at Calvary, Jess has taken on significantly more management responsibility and is now leading a team and providing support and guidance to our networks of Executive Assistants across Calvary.

Congratulations Jess!


From left to right: Dana Ieraci, Jess Roberts, Sandeep Kandel, NCEO Martin Bowles, Michele Connors, Sandra Roodt, Tony Antonios