My Calvary

What’s it like to work at Calvary?

The people who work for Calvary are passionate about what they do. Calvary is filled with smiling faces, team spirit and staff who enjoy what they do every day. It’s a place where friendships are made and everyone feels included.

Watch how the heroes of Calvary talk about how wonderful and satisfying it is to be a part of Calvary.

Ana CoelhoAna Coelho – Assistant in Nursing

“I was advised by a beloved friend (who was also a patient at Calvary) that Calvary was a great place to be.

“I tried working at Calvary as a casual AIN and loved it. It was also really helpful for me that it was not too far from home, giving me more time to spend with my family.

“I was employed fulltime and then became pregnant. I appreciated the support of my colleagues at that time. Calvary is a place where colleagues can easily become friends. When I was going through a difficult time with my son’s reflux, I had the Diversional Therapist, Suzy, supporting me, which was a great help.

“I try my best to deliver the best care to my patients and their families. I enjoy working with my colleagues and am proud of Calvary’s mission and values. Salary packaging is another great benefit offered by Calvary.

“Some days work can be difficult but I am happy to be a part of Calvary. I intend to study in the future and I feel appreciated and supported by my Nurse Unit Manager.”

Glen Renton Glen Renton – Pastoral care and volunteers Coordinator

“I came to Calvary Ryde as the Interim Pastoral Care Coordinator after finishing in my placement from the Thornleigh Hillcrest Uniting Church after 10 years.

“I have found Calvary Ryde to be a warm and welcoming place for both staff and Residents. I have been welcomed by all.

“I now have a permanent, full time position as the Pastoral Care Coordinator and I also have the job of Volunteer Coordinator

“I enjoy working with the wonderful team of volunteers who bring their skills and gifts, who bring a listening ear for the residents, all with a cheery smile and willing hand.

“Even though I come from the Uniting Church, I enjoy being a part of the mission and values that are a part of Calvary and the Little Company of Mary Health Care group.”

Nina AlcantraNina Alcantra- Care Service Employee

“I remember 1999 – that was the year I was working as a cleaner full time. The nursing home where I worked was called Mary Potter Nursing Home and Dalton Gardens Aged Care. I worked as a bed maker, after home maker, as well as a laundry worker. I was able to balance my work and look after my daughter, as I was a single mother. I completed my Certificate III and began working as a Carer four days a week.

“I also access salary packaging which has increased my pay. I left and came back to Calvary three times, I kept coming back because I feel like Calvary is my second home, full of friendly people. I like being part of the mission and values and I like it that we always try to make a difference to our residents and their families.

“I feel like my heart belongs at Calvary.”

Peggy Yeomans Peggy Yeomans – Manager, Non-Admitted Patient Services

“I have worked at Calvary for over 10 years, with a break of three years when I returned to a large public acute care hospital.

“I was so happy to have the opportunity to return to Calvary! I missed the values of Calvary that we live out so well.

“Calvary really does focus on the experience of the patient and their family and puts this at the top of their minds. Calvary is like a family and although we have our issues, we really do look after each other.

“Calvary has also offered me opportunities to extend my skills and knowledge in a supportive environment. I have learnt so much working at Calvary!”