In this section we’ll explain a little more about the patient accommodation at Calvary St John’s Hospital, as well as provide some information on local places to stay for visitors.

Rooms at Calvary St John’s Hospital

If you’re coming in for an overnight (or longer) stay, we have a range of private shared and single rooms available. Your preferred accommodation may not be immediately available, but we’ll arrange a transfer to your requested accommodation as soon as we can.

All our rooms have the following features and facilities:

  • Adjustable bed
  • Bedside phone
  • Ensuite
  • Small set of drawers for personal belongings
  • Television and radio


Visitor accommodation Options

To help visitors to Calvary St. John’s Hospital we’ve compiled a list of nearby hotel accommodation with ‘Calvary Rates’. Click on the below link.

Accommodation Deals in the Lenah Valley area


Patient Travel Assistance Scheme

The State Government’s Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS) provides financial help with travel and/or accommodation costs to Tasmanian residents who need to travel:

  • more than 50 km (one way) to the nearest oncology or dialysis treatment centre
  • more than 75 km (one way) to the nearest appropriate specialist medical service
  • more than 75 km (one way) to access lymphoedema treatment

See Here for all of the (PTAS) Information