About Calvary St John’s Hospital

Calvary St John’s private hospital is located five minutes from the heart of the city of Hobart, Tasmania, in a serene garden setting with views of the picturesque Mount Wellington.

Along with offering the only Private Rehabilitation Unit in Hobart, Calvary St John’s offers an extensive range of health care services for the community including a contemporary day surgery unit.

We specialise in Palliative End of Life Care, Ear Nose and Throat Care, Ophthalmology, Pain Management and Plastic surgery.

Established in 1899 by as a Homeopathic Hospital , St John’s joined the Calvary group  in 2000.  Calvary St Johns is Hospital is a Catholic not-for-profit organisation, investing its returns to improve and develop facilities, staff and services for the continuing benefit of the community.

Executive Team at Calvary St John’s Hospital

Kathryn Berry CEO

Kathryn Berry
Chief Executive Officer
03 6278 5349

Leah Magliano

Leah Magliano
Director Clinical Services
03 6220 3753

Marcus Dimartino Director of Finance

Marcus Dimartino
Director of Finance
03 62203792

Michael Murray

Michael Murray
Clinical Services Coordinator
03 6278 5414

Community Councils

Calvary St John’s Hospital has two community representative groups:

1. Calvary Community Council

The Calvary Community Council is a committee of community volunteers who meet regularly to manage our community benefit programs. These programs include:  Community Council Grants which provide funding for local community projects who prioritise the health needs of vulnerable and marginalised Tasmanians and The Mary Potter Foundation which provides funding of hospital care for members of the community who experience economic hardship.

  • Craig Coleman (Chair)
  • Jill Savell, Robert Hudson
  • Dr Kwang Yee
  • Lucia Mazengarb
  • Belinda Clarke
  • Ed Van Galen
  • Don Mills
  • Gill Groom
  • Dr Julie Rimes
  • Grant Musgrave
  • Kathryn Berry

2. Calvary Consumer Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Council Group assists the CEO with, and provides advice on, community and stakeholder engagement. Through this group local consumers and communities can help us to make the best decisions when it comes to planning our services. Representatives are drawn from a broad cross section of the community and meet with Calvary St John’s Hospital executives on a regular basis.

  • Dr Julie Rimes (Chair)
  • Anne Shirley
  • Anne Suter
  • Angela Evans
  • Belinda Clarke
  • Daniel McNeill
  • Richard Lowrie
  • Kathryn Berry