Medical Oncology

Calvary Mater Newcastle Medical Oncology Unit is one of the busiest adult cancer treatment facilities in NSW for medical oncology consultations, and treatment with intravenous chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy for all types of cancers.

We are supported by a large clinical trials facility, enabling patients to access trials of new medicines before they are widely available.

Medical Oncologists work within multidisciplinary groups (including Radiation Oncologists, Surgeons, Haematologists, Palliative Care Physicians, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals) bringing together a wide range of skilled professionals to deliver the best current available care for cancer patients within one integrated cancer centre.

The Medical Oncology Unit comprises over 10 Medical Oncologists, 5 Trainee Oncologists, an outpatient (Medical Centre, level 3) area where consultations occur, a 20 chair chemotherapy facility (Day Treatment Centre, level 2) where intravenous and subcutaneous treatments are given, an infusion lounge (level 3) for less complex therapies, a 24 bed inpatient ward (Ward 5B, level 5), and a very active clinical trial unit, together with support staff. Calvary Mater Newcastle has an Accident and Emergency Unit to care for acute oncologic, medical and surgical issues. Radiology facilities include ultrasound, CAT scan, MRI and PET scan.


Referrals may be made by a General Practitioner or a medical specialist via a referral letter form indicating the reason for the referral, the relevant medical history, test results, and the name of the appropriate specific Medical Oncologist.

Medical Oncology Referral Form (100 kB)

The letter is faxed to 02 4923 6447 or emailed to or mailed to:

Calvary Mater Newcastle

Medical Oncology – Triaging

Locked Mail Bag 7,



Once this is received, the referral is triaged by a triage team and the referring Doctor as well as the patient will be notified of appointment.

Calvary Mater Newcastle treats private and public patients.

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