Consumer and Community Engagement Framework

Calvary Mater Newcastle is committed to meaningful and effective engagement with our consumers and the community, as highlighted in our second Consumer and Community Engagement Framework (2023-2028). It is only by involving the people we serve, will we truly be able to provide responsive, high quality services that reflect the individual and collective needs of the diverse community who use them. As a result we can improve our community’s health outcomes by providing services that are reflective of every person’s individual needs and those of the wider community.

Our second Framework builds upon and extends on the work that we have undertaken in partnership with the diverse communities that we serve. The Framework underpins all of the work that we have methodically and meticulously carried out over the past few years in building a robust foundation for our consumer and community engagement. It provides a solid structure which further embeds continuous and meaningful engagement and expands the scope of our engagement activities by providing additional systems and infrastructure, and further builds our workforce’s knowledge and capacity.

Download the full framework below:

Consumer and Community Engagement Framework (2023-2028)