Integrated health clinics

Every year our interdisciplinary teams collaborate together to develop our assistive technology resources to improve patient quality of life. Recent significant updates include mounting updated eye gaze systems, communication options and environmental control units to patients’ wheelchairs. New scanning devices have also been purchased to enable patients to drive wheelchairs and control other devices by hitting a single switch when hand movements are impaired. Switch control options have improved patients ability to use mainstream technology such as iPADs, smart phones and android tablets. Access to these devices on wheelchairs allows patients greater choices and control over how they communicate, move, work and relax.

Management and therapists undertake on-going training and skill development in assistive technology. Collaborations with external agencies enhance our allied health service delivery. CHCB is conducting Integrated Technology Clinics which allow therapists from different specialities to work together with the patient to maximize their independence by integrating multiple technology devices into streamlined systems.

We are further enhancing our patient experience by building a ‘pool’ of adapted technology loan items which can be hired by CHCB patients for use within their homes. This initiative is proving to be invaluable for patients as there are often significant delays between applying for and receiving funding for assistive equipment through government schemes.