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What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to empower people with disability to work towards achievements, to identify the disability related support they need to meet their goals, to choose where they would like to buy their supports and provide support to carers. Find out more about the NDIS and what it means for you (link)

  • people with a permanent disability and children with developmental delay; their family and carers, by funding reasonable and necessary support for each person’s unique needs
  • all Australians, by providing a safety net for anyone who acquires a disability in the future.

No, the funding under the NDIS is not means tested. Support is related to a patients disability and the supports they need.

The NDIS acknowledges that families and carers need support, so the person with disability has the support they require so that family and carers can live their lives.

This may mean:

  • additional support at times when family or carers are at work
  • ‘respite’ for the client, where they can undertake activities independently of family
  • building capacity to ensure the client’s needs reduce over time, or
  • provision of equipment or technology that increases independence and reduces reliance on others.

NDIS plans focus on the whole of life support a person requires, this includes maximising outcomes for the client, their family and carers.

About the Bethlehem NDIS Provider Service

We provide support to adults with progressive neurological diseases who have a need for our specialist allied health support. We can provide collaborative care to participants known to our State Wide clinic, bringing our skillset into the home. Our NDIS Coordinator and team determine if a request for support is able to be accepted. The location of the participant and goals are considered as well as our service’s capacity to provide support. Our capacity can fluctuate depending on our current staffing situation and if our therapists are already very busy with their current participants.

We aim to be as responsive as possible, however in general pick up can take within 4 weeks or more depending on our service capacity at the time. We will advise you of the timeframe when we receive the request. If you are concerned you have been referred but you haven’t heard anything from us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our NDIS Coordinator on 03 9834 9358 or [email protected].

We will notify the participant or the support coordinator if we are unable to accept the referral or request. Where we can, we will provide you will some alternative providers or solutions to address the goal required.

  • Have a look at our brochure here
  • We are a registered provider of Therapeutic Supports and Specialist Behaviour Support
  • Neuropsychology; Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy; Speech Pathology; Music Therapy; Dietetics; Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) ordering; Specialist Behaviour Support

All staff complete mandatory training in hand hygiene every year

We will contact you to do a COVID-19 screen prior to visiting you

Staff do not attend work if they have any symptoms. This may mean some rescheduling of appointments however it is to protect other staff and the participants and patients they care for

All staff are required to have mandatory COVID-19 and Influenza immunisations to work at Calvary

  • In the event we are unable to visit you at home due to an emergency such as a fire or pandemic etc., we will provide support to you remotely using telehealth (web-based video chat platforms such as Zoom or Webex) or via phone or email.
  • If you are able to participate in telehealth with some support from a family member or another support person, please ensure they are aware that they will be asked to support you if required.
  • If you haven’t already, you are encouraged to develop an Emergency and Disaster Plan to help make sure you are kept safe and well in the event of a situation. Please refer to our handout for some further information, contact your support coordinator or speak to one of your support people.

What does the NDIS fund?

No, there are not set package amounts. A NDIS plan aims to give a client the supports they need to be as independent as possible, reducing their need for support over time. The cost of the package is determined only by what is included in it. This might change each time a clients plan changes.

The NDIS funds the reasonable and necessary disability related support that participants require to meet their needs and achieve their goals.

The NDIS is designed to empower those with disability to work towards their goals, to identify the disability related support they need to meet their goals, and to choose where they would like to buy their supports.

NDIS supports are funded to:

  • help a person to reach their goals
  • enable participation in the community (social and economic), and
  • increase a person’s independence.

The NDIS is responsible for providing the funding and making the rules about the new way of providing disability support in Australia. The NDIA is the National Disability Insurance Agency. They are the people who will work with you to access the support your needs if you are eligible for the NDIS.

About our Service

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