Volunteer application form – Calvary Health Care Bethlehem

Volunteer Application Form

Application form for community members wanting to become a volunteer at Bethlehem
  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem. Your experience, assistance and opinions will help us to provide better health outcomes for all those accessing our services. This form tells us a little bit about you, what you are interested in and any support you require to participate as a Volunteer at CHCB.
  • Your contact information:

  • Tell us more about yourself. What is your work experience and why would you like to come and volunteer at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem?
  • If yes, please give details.
  • Availability

    Four hours a week is a common expectation for those taking on an onsite role but there are other options for people who don’t have that availability. For example a number of our committees only meet quarterly and there are some editorial support roles that don’t require a four hour commitment per week. Please discuss with the Volunteer Coordinator.