Hyson Green mental health

Hyson Green is the only dedicated private mental health facility in Canberra, servicing Canberra and surrounding districts.

We offer both day and in-patient programs and support for more than 500 patients a year who exhibit common mental health conditions including anxiety, depression and mood disorders.

The Hyson Green team is led by Dr Rodney Blanch, psychiatrist and Medical Director. Our team is passionate in supporting patients to achieve their best possible outcomes with high quality tailored programs to suit individual needs.

Located next to Calvary Bruce Private Hospital, Hyson Green is surrounded by a natural, private bush setting and offers a peaceful and healing environment incorporating a tranquil reflection pool.

Hyson Green offers comprehensive 21-day treatment programs where individuals can heal and recover in a safe and supportive environment.

From single rooms with private ensuites to executive suites with separate living spaces, we offer a range of accommodation options for up to 48 individuals, including two dedicated post-natal depression suites.

The facility is also home to consulting rooms, large dining and lounge rooms, therapy rooms and recreational facilities designed to promote wellness and relaxation.

Residential and day programs

Hyson Green have a voluntary day program offering patients in the ACT and surrounding districts an opportunity to treat common conditions such as anxiety and depression.

  • The day patient programs include both ongoing (open) and fixed-period (closed) groups
  • The most frequently run groups are Overcoming Depression Program; Managing Anxiety Program (closed); and the Individual Mood Disorders group (open).
  • See below for more information:

In-patient programs

  • The Hyson Green in-patient program runs group and individual therapy sessions incorporating:
    • cognitive behavioural therapy
    • dialectical behavioural therapy
    • assertiveness training
    • stress management
    • relaxation
    • yoga
    • grief and loss counselling
    • conflict resolution
    • self-esteem
    • communication skills
    • creative therapy
    • physical activities
    • mindfulness
    • emotional regulation
    • distress tolerance

    Our specialist psychiatrists are supported by a dedicated team of mental health nurses, social workers, art therapists and psychologists:

    • Dr Rodney Blanch
    • Dr Lakhwinder Bhatia
    • Dr Nishad Samad
    • Dr Alfiya Mutlu
    • Dr Alex Lim
    • Dr Ann Harrison
    • Dr May Matias
    • Ask your doctor for a patient referral to attend one of Hyson Green’s programs.
    • Send referrals to [email protected]


    • If you have health insurance contact Hyson Green to check your level of coverage.
    • If you do not have health insurance contact Hyson Green for fees and payment schedules.