Hyson Green Mental Health

Calvary Bruce Private Hospital’s mental health services are provided from Hyson Green which is located on the Bruce campus. This is the only private dedicated mental health service in the ACT.

At Hyson Green at Calvary Bruce Private Hospital we offer voluntary mental health services that provide support, education, understanding skill development and self-management.

The aims of the Hyson Green programs are to provide support, promote self-awareness and the development of knowledge and skills to enable patients to function at their highest level of ability in their home, work and community – thus reducing or eliminating the need for, or frequency of, hospital admissions.

Our recently introduced day therapy programs are designed to help participants:

• manage the effects of depression

• overcome the effects of anxiety and acute stress responses

• as well as treat clients experiencing a wide range of difficulties which may include mood disorders, stress and workplace issues, interpersonal relationships.

Download the resources below for full details of residential and day programs:

Hyson Green Booklet (PDF 1 MB)

Hyson Green Day Therapy Programs (PDF 165 KB)

Hyson Green Day Programs – Overcoming Depression, Managing Anxiety and Mood disorders (PDF 4.2 MB)

 Referral from your GP or specialist

 Hyson Green Building

 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

 02 6201 6000