Celebrating New Friendships – Calvary St Francis’ Very Own Thelma and Louise

United Nations International Friendship Day (Sunday 30 July 2017) celebrates the importance of strong bonds to help address crises and challenges. Moving into aged care can sometimes be difficult. Calvary residents Jean and Luisa have developed a close friendship since moving into Calvary St Francis in Eleebana.


Jean and Luisa have been friends for over eighteen months. Calvary St Francis Leisure and Lifestyle Officer Jayne Gill said “Luisa and Jean they sort of hit it off as soon as they arrived at St Francis. Jean took Luisa under her wing and they’ve become inseparable now. They are great for each other”. “We call them Thelma and Louise or double trouble because they’re always together. They’re lovely” said Jayne.


When asked what types of activities they do together “We go shopping together” said Jean. “And we eat out” added Luisa. The two venture out weekly and shout each other lunch. “We feed the birds. We have a lot of birds here and we feed them” said Luisa.


Jean and Luisa have rooms across from each other and often visit for a chat. “Luisa makes a special black coffee and on different days she’ll say are you going to have a coffee. So I go in and have a coffee and we talk about the past to each other. Luisa is very very comforting to me. She is good company” said Jean.  


Jayne emphasised “They are friends with everybody. They are sociable with everyone else but they share a special bond. Jean has bought Luisa out of her shyness”.


Jean and Luisa enjoy living together at Calvary St Francis. “I don’t have to worry about anything at all” said Luisa. “The best thing about living here at St Francis is everything is done for you and the girls are all so beautiful and so are the office staff. We are very fortunate and we do have a lot of fun. We laugh a lot of course” added Jean.


Jayne said “It’s just nice to see a friendship develop in here which was something that wasn’t on the outside so it’s nice to see them get together”.


See a video on their friendship on our Calvary Retirement Communities Facebook page.


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