“All roads lead to data…” Tamara Gusa, Head of Performance and Analytics

By Tamara Gusa, Head of Performance and Analytics:


All roads lead to data and all decisions should be informed by good data. The key is how to collate and organise it to be meaningful and digestible.

At Calvary, we’ve established our Data Hub as a one-stop shop with dashboards, reports, educational materials and resources, as part of our data strategy, as our single source of truth. We have invested in training our managers on how to use the data hub in their roles, including how to assess a service’s performance and benchmark against like-for-like sites and industry standards.

Our Performance & Analytics team aims to empower decision making with insights to improve health outcomes and business operations and to sustain growth over the long term. What we’ve seen at Calvary is that when you unlock the potential of data visualisation you can transform patient and aged care resident experiences.

We have partnered with Alcidion to ingest the data from almost 40 of our approximate 200 data source systems used across Calvary into a centralised single source of truth. Put simply, we developed data models and visualisations that removed disjointed pain points across business units, reduced the reliance on manual reporting, and developed dashboards that offer real-time data to support better and more efficient decision making.

This work has enabled us to build performance and KPI dashboards for different parts of Calvary, so that they can independently meet deliverables that all align to our overarching business strategies that aim to improve the patient and resident experiences, while creating efficiencies and cost benefits.

Importantly, we have seen increased adoption of the performance dashboards since introduction in July 2022, with significant increases in aged care and clinical quality and safety.

We are excited by the positive changes led by the Calvary Data Hub and the appreciation by our people of the value data. We are now looking to the next generation of cloud-based architecture, predictive analytic and enhanced user experience to further embed the capability across Calvary.