Calvary closes door on older style home and modernises expanded services at another in Victoria

Residential aged care home Calvary Bonbeach, in Melbourne’s south-east, will cease operations by 31 May 2024, while the doors will open to a modernised new wing at Calvary George Vowell.

Calvary has a rich heritage of serving the needs of our communities for over 135 years and we continuously assess our homes to support high quality and contemporary aged care.

In line with Calvary’s rigorous asset review process, it has been determined the Bonbeach home is unable to meet the expectations of contemporary age care services into the future as it predominantly features shared bedrooms and bathrooms facilities.

Calvary has decided to close the home as the extensive redesign and building works needed to modernise the facilities cannot be completed while residents and staff remain. Calvary recognises moving home and workplace is disruptive for our residents and staff, but we believe it offers better long-term outcomes compared with any temporary relocation.

Calvary will support the transition of all 49 residents to homes with better amenities across the Calvary network, or to another aged care provider if residents choose.

Tailored relocation plans to meet individual needs and preferences have been developed and where possible, to ensure a continuity of care, Calvary Bonbeach staff will be offered redeployment across the same mix of Calvary’s 30 other Victorian homes as relocated residents.

As part of our Mission, Calvary is providing dedicated Pastoral Care Support to all our residents and staff during this period.

“Closing Bonbeach has been a very difficult decision,” said Bryan McLoughlin, Calvary’s Acting Regional Chief Executive for Victoria.

“At Calvary we are committed to our Mission to serve our communities through modern and high quality care services, and we will be supporting our Bonbeach residents and staff to ensure a smooth transition to a new home offering more suitable and contemporary amenities.

Once all residents and staff have been relocated, Calvary will sell Bonbeach and the proceeds will be reinvested into existing facilities and new opportunities to further support contemporary models of care and deliver integrated care offerings across the network.

Calvary has recently invested in expanding capacity at Calvary George Vowell in Mount Eliza with an additional 19 beds in a contemporary design that supports modern models of care for aged care residents.

Clinically suitable Bonbeach residents will be prioritised to relocate to the new wing, which offers bedrooms with private bathrooms among contemporary living spaces indoors and outdoors to support ageing in comfort.