Dora makes a difference for women in Rajasthan

When Dora Taylor isn’t working as an Emergency Department Nurse at Calvary Wakefield Hospital in Adelaide, she is taking leave  to volunteer with the Sambhali Trust in Rajasthan.

Dora spends two months running workshops on every aspect of women’s health. Her workshops aim to educate women about the female body, including menstruation, reproduction and intercourse.

“I’d been learning Hindi back home in Australia and had been to India previously and really loved it. This time I thought Iwould love to give something back to assist the community. I did a lot of research on prospective NGOs that could benefit from healthcare workshops and decided on Sambhali Trust because of its local grassroots approach and its focus on helping women and girls. I believe educating women is a huge force for change.

“As my knowledge of India grew, I learnt about a lot of issues that women face in this society. Many of these issues are related to poor education on women’s health issues such as menstruation, birth control, sex and childbirth and this is why I decided to create the Women’s Health workshops. The response has been positive from the women, for example there is a lot of stigma associated with menstruation and the second workshop tackles this subject.

“It has been great to see women get a different perspective on this as something natural and amazing that the body does, not something unholy and dirty.”

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