Calvary Wakefield make a difference in Nepal

In April, Nepal was struck by two devastating earthquakes. 9,000 people died and more than 22,000 people were injured. Millions more lost their homes and livelihoods.
Shirley Megaw and Deepika Pandit, registered nurses at Calvary Wakefield Hospital, both have a great affection for Nepal. Shirley had travelled to Nepal in her youth and Deepika’s family live in Nepal and were sleeping in the street in tents following the disaster.

Shirley met with Deepika and decided, “We just had to do something! So signs up and the networking going to spread the word about a fundraising stall. I managed 110 pies and stacks of people cooked. It was a great day. After counting the cash we had about $1600, but two days later Deepika counted the contributions in her Donation Bin and we found we had $2150.15 in total”.

The funds were entrusted to Amit, Deepika’s brother in Nepal, who wrote back to say

“With the money you have sent, I will buy tents, foods, toiletries and clean water and give them to the most affected victims… The earthquake destroyed so many houses and lives, leading people to stay in tents without food, clothes and toiletries.”

We are privileged to help Amit and his local community, who have so graciously acknowledged the contribution and who have done the hard work on the ground to convert our donation into the practical necessities required by their people.