Safeguarding Commitment Statement

Calvary is committed to safeguarding the welfare and dignity of all children and adults. In keeping with our mission, vision and values, Calvary is committed to providing a safe environment for all people who enter Calvary facilities and receive care from Calvary in their homes, especially children and adults at risk. In accord with the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards, we are committed to:

  • A zero tolerance approach to the abuse of children and adults at risk.
  • Acknowledging the importance of actively listening to and empowering children and adults at risk to be agents in their care.
  • Acknowledging that all families and communities have an obligation to protect children and adults at risk.
  • Promoting the safety of all children and adults at risk who come from diverse backgrounds, by especially:
    • Promoting the cultural safety of children and adults at risk from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds;
    • Ensuring that everyone with a disability is safe and able to participate equally; and
    • Promoting an environment of cultural safety, participation and empowerment for First Nations’ people.
  • An emphasis on safeguarding in recruitment practices across the organisation.
  • Treating all allegations and concerns seriously and promptly responding to these in line with the Calvary rights and responsibilities brochure.
  • All employees, contractors and sub-contractors, visiting medical officers, volunteers, students on placement, researchers, partners and visitors, consultants and agents are equipped with the training, knowledge and skills to promote a culture of safeguarding, by abiding by our policies and procedures.
  • Regular internal and external risk assessments to reduce the possibility of harm.
  • Regular reviews of our policies and procedures to help drive continuous improvement and to protect children and adults at risk from harm.

All staff, volunteers, visiting medical officers and executives will model compliance with policies and procedures.