Calvary Health Care Tasmania Nursing Staff Agreement 2020

Voting opens 9.00 a.m. Thursday 29 April 2021 and closes 4.00 p.m. Wednesday 5 May 2021

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Thank you for your patience and support throughout the negotiation process for the Calvary Health Care Tasmania Nursing Agreement 2020.

We encourage you to have your say and participate in voting. Below you will find a range of information to help you make an informed decision.

  • If you require ESL (English as a Second Language) support to help you understand the information, please request assistance by emailing [email protected] by midnight Friday 16 April 2021
  • If you have additional questions or feedback  thank you for filling in the feedback form at the end of this page. (You may choose to remain anonymous).


Communications Updates

14 April 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Re: Calvary Health Care Tasmania Nursing Agreement 2020 

After an extended period of negotiation, which was delayed due to Covid19, We are pleased to announce we are taking the Calvary Health Care Tasmania Nursing Agreement 2020 to a vote by staff covered under the agreement.

The process we have undertaken aims to achieve the best possible outcome – for staff covered by the agreement and our organisation. This was an especially complex process in the consolidation of the Launceston and Hobart nursing agreements into one state wide agreement with consistent terms and conditions for all nursing staff.

This agreement is simpler to read and interpret, making it more accessible for staff, while maintaining flexible working conditions and providing generous increases to wages, particularly where the national average increase is ~2% in the current climate.

Calvary has made a competitive wage offer; in addition to providing you with improved benefits to your existing conditions of employment.

You will have access to the enterprise agreement and relevant information through the intranet here and hard copies of the agreement are available to employees at all work locations and can be found in break rooms and main nursing stations.

On the agreement page you will find documents that provide you with information on:

  • All key changes to the agreement
  • A wage table outlining the wage offer and timings
  • A frequently asked questions summary of conditions, inclusive of dates and times for information and drop in sessions, and
  • A how to vote flyer outlining when the vote will take place and how to vote.

If you require assistance and/or if you are from a non-English speaking background and would like some additional support with understanding and interpreting information, please let us know by COB Friday 16 April 2021.

We are proud of the agreement the parties have developed and encourage you to review the agreement, attend information/drop in sessions and to vote in favour of the new terms and conditions.

Thank you for your patience and support throughout the negotiation process.

Marcus DiMartino Kerry Snare
General Manager – Hobart General Manager – Launceston

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