Availability and Pricing

While it’s always good to plan ahead and talk with your family about your future, sometimes things happen and you need to make quick decisions. Our dedicated, friendly Care Choices Advisors are ready to help answer any questions you may have about Calvary Residential Care. We’ll work with you to find the right solution to meet your needs.


Independent Living

You can find out what kinds of units, apartments or villas are available by checking the Current Availability Independent Living tab below. We recommend joining our waiting list to receive regular updates as units become available. Call our dedicated Independent Living Coordinators on 1800 222 000 so you can talk through your needs.

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Calvary Haydon  – has a Villa and an Apartment currently available to purchase


Calvary St Joseph’s –  240 Maitland Road, Sandgate.  Fully renovated 1 bedroom villa. Available now. 

Calvary Nazareth –  Vincent Street, Belmont North.  Beautifully refurbished 2 bedroom villa. Taking expressions of interest. 


Calvary Muswellbrook –  15 Cassidy Avenue, Muswellbrook.  1, 2 & 3 bedroom brand new villas.  Available now.


Dalton Gardens – has a variety of recently refurbished apartments and villas ready for sale.



Villa 68 (911KB) – 2 Bedroom Villa – Holding Deposit Taken

Villa 81 (529KB) – 2 Bedroom Villa – Available Now

Villa 85 (360KB) – 2 Bedroom Villa – Available Now

Villa 96 (386KB) – 2 Bedroom Villa – Available Now

Villa 104 (381KB) – 3 Bedroom Villa – Available Now



Penthouse Apartment 129 (359KB) – 3 Bedroom Apartment – Holding Deposit Taken

Apartment 135 (353KB) – 2 Bedroom Apartment – Available Now

Apartment 157 (334KB) – 3 Bedroom Apartment – Available Now

Apartment 174 (356KB) – 2 Bedroom Apartment – Available Now


Please call our friendly Independent Living Coordinators on  1800 222 000 for more information.

It’s good to plan ahead

If you are thinking about joining one of our retirement communities you can join our waiting lists. This is a good idea so we can contact you if something comes up that you would like to view.


Residential Aged Care

You can find out what kinds of accommodation are available by checking the Current Availability – Residential care tab below or by visiting the My Aged Care website. Please note: We recommend registering on the MyGov website then linking to My Aged Care, which provides all the information you’ll need regarding availability and assessment. We also recommend paying us a visit to review the accommodation, meet staff and learn more about care options available.
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  • Calvary Haydon  – has two rooms currently available within the Memory Support Household. For further details call 1800 222 000

Hunter Valley

Newcastle Area

    Taree Area

    From 1 July 2014, in addition to your daily care fee*, you can choose to pay for your accommodation by a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD), a daily accommodation payment (DAP), or a combination of both.

    • A RAD is paid as a lump sum amount.
    • A DAP accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example, monthly.
    • A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments.

    You will have 28 days from the day you entered care to decide your payment method.


    Option 1:

    If a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is $350,000 you could choose to pay the full amount.

    Option 2:

    If you choose a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) and the room is $350,000 the daily price would be $58.97 per day.

    Option 3:

    If a combination of both RAD and DAP is more preferable then it would be 50% RAD = $175,000 plus a 50% DAP = $29.49 per day.

    A Daily Accommodation Payment may be deducted from a Refundable Accommodation Deposit balance in order to meet the agreed accommodation payment.

    *Your daily care fee is used to contribute towards your day-to-day living costs. The rate is calculated each year in line with changes to the Aged Pension. This information is provided by the Department of Human Services.


    Additional Fees and Charges Aged Care

    Additional fees may apply if you choose a higher standard of accommodation or additional services. Extra service fees apply to residents in an extra service place. Other additional care and services and associated fees are available per facility and vary from hairdressing and Foxtel.