CANcierge App

The free App to help you navigate your cancer care at Calvary Mater Newcastle

CANcierge provides easily accessible, relevant and reliable information to help you navigate cancer services and improve your treatment experience, irrespective of your cancer type.

CANcierge offers a range of features:

  • About Me – Record all your vital information.
  • Caring for Me – What support is available to you as a patient? Who can help you cope better?
  • My Hospital – How to find your way around Calvary Mater Newcastle and the services available.
  • My Team – Who will be on your team during treatment?
  • My Treatment and Tests – What do you need to know about your treatments? What test might you have?
  • My Community – What community services are available to help you?
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples – Find links to services and resources to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples affected by cancer related illnesses.

CANcierge was designed by Calvary Mater Newcastle patients, carers and the cancer care team with the support of the Calvary Mater Newcastle Auxiliary who funded the project.

The App is designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices.

About the CANcierge App

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The CANcierge App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.


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