Services and Clinics

Calvary Mater Newcastle is a public hospital. We offer a high standard of patient care to the communities of Newcastle and the Hunter region, as well as a comprehensive range of health services.

Clinics, Surgery and Services

Calvary Mater Newcastle provides a range of services to meet the needs of our local communities.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we have a range of services to help people experiencing addiction or recovering from a dependency on alcohol or drugs.

Our service involves intensive drug education, support and counselling to help you deal with life’s pressures by developing coping strategies.

Our Alcohol and Drug Counsellors will also work with you to develop an individual care plan, clearly outlining achievable goals. We provide most services in house at our treatment centre.

Alcohol and Drug Services at Calvary Mater Newcastle include:

  • Information for family and friends of people who have a drug or alcohol issue
  • Outpatient Program
  • Detoxification Program
  • Illicit Drug Program

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist, healthcare providers or self-referred

Calvary Mater Newcastle

Seven days a week by appointment

02 4014 4796 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm)

We work hard to continually improve the care we provide and access to the most advanced cancer treatment technology.

Cancer Treatment at Calvary Mater Newcastle include:

Cancer support services at Calvary Mater Newcastle include:


cancer services and treatment

Clinical Pharmacologists specialise in drugs and their effects on people, and we consult on patients with complicated drug regimens or adverse effects from their drugs.

Clinical Toxicologists specialise in the care of patients who are poisoned (including recreational, iatrogenic, accidental, occupational or self-poisoning) or bitten by a venomous animal. We provide an inpatient management service for poisoned and potentially envenomed patients and a consultative service for drug and toxin related problems.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology is provided for patients in all Hunter New England Local Health District facilities.

Referral by GP or clinicians within the Hunter New England Local Health District

Calvary Mater Newcastle


02 4921 1211

Cardiology is the study and treatment of heart disorders. It involves treating all areas related to the heart and arteries, including tests.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we provide an extensive range of specialised medical and surgical services. Our Coronary Care and Cardiology Service combines best practice and the most advanced technology to investigate and manage heart and vascular system disorders.

Our qualified and experienced Cardiac team uses specialist treatments supported by the latest in medical technology.

Coronary Care and Cardiology Services at Calvary Mater Newcastle include:

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Ambulatory Holter Monitoring
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • Electrocardiogram Test
  • Exercise Tolerance Test

By GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers

Calvary Mater Newcastle

Cardiology Service: Inpatient Service

ECG Service: Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm

02 4921 1211

For medical emergencies, please call 000 for Ambulance assistance.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle our Emergency Department is open for Medical Emergencies 24 hours seven days a week, including all public holidays.

Medical emergencies are situations that are too serious or urgent to be treated by your General Practitioner (GP) and can include:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest pain
  • Accidents
  • Prolonged episodes of pain
  • Sudden collapse
  • Uncontrollable bleeding

Depending on the severity of your medical emergency you may have to wait for treatment.

Emergency department

Referral not required

Level 3, Calvary Mater Newcastle


02 4921 1211

The Department of General Medicine at Calvary Mater Newcastle is a Centre of Excellence and Training in General and Acute Care Medicine.

Our services include General and Acute Care Medicine carried out by experienced General Physicians with specialist training in:

  • Respiratory
  • Endocrinology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Geriatrics
  • Renal disease
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers, or though the Emergency Department

Calvary Mater Newcastle

Inpatient Unit, 24/7

02 4921 1211

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU), provides specialist care and monitoring with respiratory support for critically unwell patients.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle our team of medical and nursing staff provide care for patients with serious medical and surgery conditions. Our state-of-the-art intensive care facility is supported 24/7 by Specialists offering a high level of medical care for critically ill patients.

Our ICU is part of a statewide service for intensive care and provides a service for patients from our local community and the broader Hunter New England Area and beyond via the Hunter Retrieval Service.

Referral not required

Level 3, Calvary Mater Newcastle


02 4014 3765

At Calvary Mater Newcastle our Medical Centre provides clinics for a range of outpatient services and access to Cancer Care Coordinators and Allied Health Staff

  • Cancer treatment
  • Surgery
  • General Psychiatry
  • Medical
  • Alcohol and Drug
  • Physical Therapies
  • Stomal Therapy
  • McGrath Breast Care Nurse
  • Pre Procedure
  • The Wig Service

Medical Centre

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers

Level 3, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Monday to Friday. Do not operate on weekend or public holidays

02 4014 3190 – Medical Centre Booking Office

02 4014 3192 – Nurse Unit Manager

Specilalist Palliative Care focuses on supporting patients who are approaching or reaching the end of their life.

The goal is to help patients achieve dignity, comfort and maximise the quality of life for the patient, family and loved ones.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we do this through:

  • Advising and supporting the primary care team
  • Managing distressing symptoms
  • Specialist palliative care inpatient service
  • Offering home visits if necessary
  • Providing equipment to support the patient to stay in the home setting as long as possible.
  • Providing a 24 hour telephone advice
  • Supporting the bereaved
  • Teaching the family how to care for the patient

We provide Palliative Care as an inpatient service, at home or in residential facilities. Patients can be admitted for pain and symptom management, respite care or terminal care.

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers

Calvary Mater Newcastle

Inpatient Unit, 24/7

02 4921 1211

The Calvary Mater Newcastle Pre-admission Clinic is a free service, which undertakes patient assessment and provides patients with information and support to prepare them for surgery. Our goal is to better understand your needs and ensure you have a positive stay with us.

How it works

One of our Nurses may contact you prior to your admission to hospital to:

  • Discuss your care before and after surgery
  • Check your health history and complete other admission paperwork
  • Provide you with any necessary pre-operative instructions
  • Determine whether you require a clinic appointment to see the Nurse or the Anaesthetist
  • Check you have had any tests ordered
  • Commence discharge planning to help plan for your return home
  • Answer any questions you may have

Referral by Your Specialist or after review of your medical history by our Nurse

The Medical Centre, Level 3, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Calvary Mater Newcastle is a world class leader in oncology, toxicology, psychiatry and palliative care research, ranging in scope from basic laboratory to large scale implementation studies. Over 80 per cent of all cancer research in the Hunter is conducted at Calvary Mater Newcastle which is currently the main centre for cancer clinical trials in the Hunter region.

Research at Calvary Mater Newcastle is multidisciplinary, with researchers working hand in hand with hospital clinicians and patients, universities and affiliated organisations, as well as charities and community members, to produce leading edge research into cures and improved treatments that will benefit patients at the hospital and ultimately throughout the world.

Our researchers are passionate about their work and desire to make a difference.


Calvary Mater Newcastle undertakes planned (elective) and unplanned (emergency) surgical procedures.

We offer Surgical procedures for patients who require overnight stays or day surgery.

Many surgical procedures are now undertaken in a day surgery setting, meaning patients are admitted and discharged in a single day.

Surgical specialties at Calvary Mater Newcastle include:

  • Breast Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Melanoma Surgery

Surgery and day surgery services

Referral by Specialist

Ward 4A (Surgical Day Ward), Level 4, Calvary Mater Newcastle

02 4014 3300

Care and Support Services

At Calvary Mater Newcastle, we care about your physical, spiritual and emotional needs. These support services are available to our patients as part of our holistic care.

We acknowledge the original custodians of the lands of the Awabakal Peoples on which Calvary Mater Newcastle stands, and those of all the lands from which our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People come seeking our care. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future and commit ourselves to the ongoing journey of Reconciliation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patients

We strive to ensure all patients who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander are provided with culturally safe, respectful, compassionate and appropriate patient care to meet their individual health care needs.

Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer

Our Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer (AHLO) supports Aboriginal patients, families, community members and our staff.

The role of our AHLO is to connect with and support patients from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background. The AHLO can provide the following free services:

  • Being a link between the medical teams and the patient/families during the admission.
  • Face-to-face contact with patients
  • Social and emotional support
  • Engagement and advocacy for patients and their families
  • Assisting with discharge planning and accessing resources
  • Assist with enquiries for patients and families
  • Follow-up care with patients
  • Networking with other service providers within the hospital structure and the wider community
  • Providing culturally sensitive support to patients

Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer leaflet

Palliative Care

Calvary Mater Newcastle’s Palliative Care Service provides free ongoing Bereavement Counselling. An experienced Social Worker is available for family and friends of patients who have died whilst receiving Palliative Care.

Referral not required

Calvary Mater Newcastle Palliative Care Bereavement Service

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

02 4985 0330

Social Work

Grief is a normal and natural response to losing someone significant in our lives. At Calvary we find many people benefit from speaking to an experienced Social Worker. Our qualified, professional Social Workers provide counselling support in a non-judgemental, safe and empathic manner for patients and families/carers during admission in all ward and outpatient areas.

Referral not required

Calvary Mater Newcastle Social Work Department

Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm

02 4014 4804

Calvary has created the Healing After Loss booklet to help you at different times of your journey through grief.

Healing after loss

Our Pastoral Care team provides support for family and friends of patients who have died in the hospital or whilst receiving Palliative Care. Our qualified, professional Pastoral Care Practitioners are available to speak with you in person or on the phone should you need some support while grieving. Sometimes a simple phone call can provide comfort and reassurance.

Twice yearly the Seasons for Growth’ Program is run at Calvary Mater Newcastle by Pastoral Care.

This is a bereavement support group that meets to explore the impact of loss and grief on all aspects of a person’s life in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Referral not required

Calvary Mater Newcastle Pastoral Care Department

Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm

02 4014 4687 or 02 4921 1211

When visiting the hospital

If you have a planned admission to Calvary Mater Newcastle you will have the opportunity to describe your disability and appropriate arrangements can be included in your admission process.

During your admission members of our allied health service may join the team providing your care. Your team will talk with you about interim or long-term services to assist with any temporary disability or enduring issues arising from your treatment or pre-existing condition.

 Referrals will be provided to agencies that can assist with disability support services.

Disability support at home

Calvary Community Care provides a range of disability services in the home. We support disabled children, adults and older people to be as independent as possible and become actively involved in their local community.

Calvary Community Care can also help with managing Individual Support Package (ISP) and funding allocations

 Calvary Community Care – in your home

1300 797 522


At Calvary, we can help with the practical arrangements involved in returning home from hospital. We can also support you during your recovery.

Calvary Community Care

Calvary Community Care’s Hospital to Home Service can be provided under a government subsidised support package (if you’re eligible), delivered on a private basis, or as a combination of the two.

Calvary Community Care can help with everyday tasks to help you recover safely and quickly. It is also useful to consider Community Care services if you have carer, who may not be able to safely move or bathe you; may need a break; or may need time away from home to do other things. Calvary Community Care Services include:

  • Transport to and from hospital appointments and for everyday tasks
  • Cooking and grocery shopping
  • Dressing and showering
  • Cleaning and household maintenance
  • Respite Care

Calvary Community Care

Many of the people we care for at Calvary Mater Newcastle speak little or no English and some are Deaf.

Calvary Mater Newcastle is committed to helping you communicate with our staff so that you can make your own decisions about your healthcare.

An interpreter makes sure that your treatment and diagnosis are explained in your preferred language so that you can ask questions and understand the information you are given.

Interpreters are available free to all patients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who need the service. We can provide interpreters for every service.

We provide interpreting services in more than 80 languages.

Download Health Care Interpreters Services

Auslan (Australian sign language) interpreters are available for patients who are Deaf.

Interpreting services are provided by highly qualified professional interpreters to facilitate communication between you and your medical treating team either in person, video conferencing or over the phone. Interpreters understand the importance of interpreting medical terminology accurately and impartially, and keeping all information confidential.

Booking an interpreter

If you or your carer or family member require an interpreter at an appointment or during your stay please phone the Hunter New England Health Interpreter Booking Office in advance on 02 4924 6285 or speak with one of our hospital staff.


If you are attending the hospital as an outpatient through a doctor/GP referral, the doctor should inform the hospital you will need an interpreter for your first visit.

Family, friends, carers and partners

Family, friends, carers and partners should not interpret for you at appointments.

You are welcome to bring your partner, relative or friend for support at your appointments. However a trained interpreter must be used to ensure you understand the information that is discussed with you and are able to make informed decisions about your care. The medical team need to be sure the necessary information has been conveyed.

Printed information

For information in languages other than English, please speak to a staff member.


Dietitians work within the health care team using evidence based practice to provide nutrition care and education to maintain health, prevent and treat illness and improve nutrition status.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle our specialist team of Clinical Dietitians will provide nutrition assessment, work with you to plan your nutrition care, and provide education to ensure your nutrition care continues at home.

Our focus is to provide specialised nutrition care for those patients with or at risk of malnutrition, and those patients whom experience difficulty eating or meeting their nutrition requirements.

Our Dietitians also collaborate with the hospital’s food services to ensure your meals are appetising, nutritious and meet your specific dietary needs.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Dietetics Service provides nutrition support to outpatients having treatment for cancer and patients admitted to medical, surgery, oncology, haematology and critical care units.

Referral by Dietician and Nutrition services will be provided as a part of your care team

Calvary Mater Newcastle

Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 4.30pm

02 4014 4775

Occupational Therapy helps people take part in everyday activities. Occupational Therapists help to modify your environment, provide adaptive equipment and explore different ways to complete activities.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle our Occupational Therapists work as part of a multi-disciplinary team helping with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Palliative care
  • Surgery
  • Degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Oncology and Haematology
  • Cognitive impairment such as dementia
  • Acute Stroke assessment and treatment

Our Occupational Therapists are focussed on helping you maintain your independence, mobility and safety. We can assess a person’s home, social, cognitive and functional backgrounds. We have access to equipment loan pools to provide the best adaptive aids to make life easier.

Occupational Therapists can also organise for minor work to be completed (where eligible), such as grabrail installation, and can liaise with other community based services on your behalf.

We can accept referrals for any current hospital inpatients. We are able to see community based Palliative Care, Oncology and Haematology patients.

Calvary Mater Newcastle

Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm, Closed Public Holidays

02 4014 4791

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we offer compassionate emotional support and spiritual care for you, your family and friends. Our Pastoral Care Program acknowledges your beliefs, important relationships and all that is meaningful for you. It affirms your intrinsic value as a person.

Pastoral Care can help if you are:

  • Emotionally distressed
  • Struggling with a sense of purpose or meaning
  • Experiencing a time of crisis
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Grieving a loss
  • Making important decisions
  • Needing support with your religious/spiritual practice
  • Wishing to contact a priest or minister of religion
  • Preparing for death

Referral not required

All Clinical Areas, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm

If you would like a visit from Pastoral Care please ask a staff member.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we have an in-hospital Pharmacy.

Our Pharmacy has two main functions – supply and clinical. It is responsible for supplying medications to all inpatients and outpatients. We also participate in all clinical trials involving medications at the hospital.

Our Pharmacy stocks a broad range of medications. In some cases we also provide more specialised and investigational medications (medicines that are being studied but not yet approved).

Our Pharmacists provide a clinical service to Calvary Mater Newcastle inpatients and outpatients. Specialty practice areas include Oncology, Haematology, Palliative Care and Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS).

The Pharmacy at Calvary Mater Newcastle only provides medications for hospital patients. We do not offer a prescription service to the public.

Please note: It’s important that patients bring their current medications and prescriptions when they are admitted to hospital.

Level 3, NewMed Building, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5pm, On-call Pharmacist available out of hours

02 4014 3861

Physiotherapists assess and develop programs to improve a patient’s strength, mobility, movement and function. Our team offer advice on personal mobility and safety in both individual and group sessions.

Our Physiotherapy team can help with:

  • Management of musculoskeletal problems
  • Managing lymphoedema
  • Falls education and exercise
  • Post oncology treatment recovery
  • Prescribing exercises to help build strength, endurance and reconditioning

At Calvary Mater Newcastle Physiotherapy is provided to:

  • Acute inpatients
  • Palliative care patients
  • Outpatients

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or healthcare providers

Level 3, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Monday to Friday, 8am – 4.30pm

02 4014 3202

Living with cancer can be very stressful for patients and their families. Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are common, especially when dealing with the emotional burden of diagnosis, treatment and many other associated life changes.

The Psycho-Oncology Service is a team of Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists. These clinicians provide assessment and evidence-based psychological services for Calvary Mater Newcastle patients and their families who may be experiencing mental health concerns specifically related to their cancer treatment.

Clinicians will work collaboratively with patients and carers to manage emotional distress and enhance psychological coping skills over a targeted number of sessions depending on symptom type and severity.

Sessions are free of charge and are offered at the hospital in an outpatient clinic setting.

Unfortunately this service is unable to accommodate patients with non-cancer related mental health issues.

A referral to the Psycho-Oncology Service can be made by a Calvary Mater Newcastle treating medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, haematologist or surgeon, or by a designated clinician member of your multidisciplinary team.

The Medical Centre, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Monday to Friday

02 4014 4926

Social Work involves working with patients to help them achieve goals and ensure safe discharge from hospital back into the community. Social work is carried out in collaboration with patients and families as well as Doctors, Nurses and other Allied Health Professionals.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle, Social Workers help patients with:

  • Support of patients and families during admission
  • Adjusting to illness
  • Accessing community based services
  • Considerations regarding health care
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Trauma or domestic violence counselling
  • Coordinating family meetings
  • Discharge planning
  • Aged care placements
  • Information and education
  • Post surgery services
  • Short term counselling
  • Transport options
  • Referrals for financial assistance
  • Referrals for legal assistance
  • Support groups
  • Referral for accommodation support

Referral not required

Calvary Mater Newcastle

8am to 4.30pm

02 4014 4804

Speech Pathology is the diagnosis, management and treatment of people who are unable to communicate effectively or have difficulty with feeding or swallowing. They may suffer from issues such as:

  • Changes in voice quality, such as hoarseness
  • Difficulty thinking of words or expressing thoughts and feelings
  • Problems understanding spoken instructions or messages
  • Problems with reading and writing
  • Coughing/choking when eating and drinking
  • Slurred speech

At Calvary Mater Newcastle our Speech Pathologists help a variety of people who acquire communication issues or swallowing problems as a result of disease, injury or stroke.

What to expect

When you are admitted to Calvary Mater Newcastle you may be referred to Speech Pathology. You’ll first be assessed, and then an individual treatment plan will be created and implemented while you are in hospital.

Education and support is provided to you and your family members throughout the treatment process. Interpreter services are available on request.

Inpatient referrals only

Calvary Mater Newcastle

8am to 4.30pm

02 4014 4768

Tests and Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services cover a range of scans, x-rays and laboratory tests used by Specialists to determine the cause of an illness.

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we offer the following range of services.

BreastScreens, also known as Mammograms, are used to help detect breast cancer in its early stages, when treatment is most effective.

Clinical trials have shown that regular mammograms can help reduce deaths from breast cancer given there is a better chance of survival when breast cancer is found early.

BreastScreens recommended for women aged 40 years or over.
We highly recommend that women aged 50 to 74 years have regular BreastScreens.

BreastScreens are free of charge.

Referral not required

Various locations across NSW including Calvary Mater Newcastle

13 20 50

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we have an onsite radiology department, managed by Hunter New England Imaging Service.

The Radiology Service at Calvary Mater Newcastle can help with:

  • General Ultrasounds
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Mammography and Breast Biopsy
  • Musculoskeletal imaging (Limited Ultrasound Musculoskeletal)
  • Multi-slice Computed Tomography (CT) Scans
  • Nuclear Medicine including PET Scans
  • Orthopantomography (OPG)
  • Vascular and Soft Tissue Ultrasound
  • X-ray service (24 hour service)

Referral by GP, another hospital, specialist or health care providers

Level 3 (opposite DeliMarche Café), Calvary Mater Newcastle


02 4014 4600 – General enquiries

02 4014 4611 – Chief Radiographer

At Calvary Mater Newcastle we have an onsite Pathology Department, managed by Pathology North (part of NSW Health Pathology).

Pathology North Laboratories at Calvary Mater Newcastle and John Hunter Hospital offer a 24/7 laboratory service that delivers expert analysis, testing and advice to our team of health care professionals.

Pathology North offer a comprehensive range of routine, specialty and emergency pathology testing, with a fast turnaround for results. Results can be downloaded electronically or delivered by courier to your Medical Specialist.

They can help with:

  • All Routine diagnostic Pathology testing including Haematology, Transfusion, Clinical Chemistry, Toxicology and Drug testing, Microbiology, Virology, Anatomical Pathology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Haemoglobinopathy testing and Forensic Services.
  • Pathologists available in all areas for Specialist consultation.
  • Haemophilia Referral Centre
  • Autologous Stemcell Transplantation Service for Haematology/ Oncology patients. NATA accredited as part of NSW BMT network.
  • Clinical Research Trial co-ordination of Pathology testing
  • Workplace Health and Safety Pathology testing

Accepts all requests from external GPs, other hospitals, specialists or health care providers

Calvary Mater Newcastle and John Hunter Hospital

Testing available 24/7

Calvary Mater Newcastle site: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm.

The John Hunter Hospital site covers all requests outside these hours.

02 4014 3057 – Calvary Mater Newcastle Laboratory

02 4921 4000 –  Pathology North Customer Service at John Hunter Hospital