Calvary Health Care Kogarah Research Centre has a staff of six and includes clinical trials nurses, PhD students and a post-doctoral research fellow. Calvary Health Care Kogarah is participating in important studies that are being run across Australia. These collaborations include the Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative (PaCCSC), the Psycho Oncology Co-Operative Group (PoCoG) and the CoOperative Trials Group for NeuroOncology (COGNO).

Calvary Health Care Kogarah is one of four Calvary virtual research sites that form the newly launched Calvary Palliative and End of Life Care Research Institute.  The Institute brings together researches from specialist palliative care services at our public hospitals:  Bethlehem (Melbourne), Kogarah (Sydney), Mater Newcastle and Clare Holland House (ACT).  The Institute provides a forum for our researches to collaborate in a virtual space so that research, ideas and innovation can be shared and translated into the clinical setting.

Some of our projects have been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing, NSW Ministry of Health, National Health and Medical Research Council, Cancer Institute NSW, Cancer Australia, South East Sydney Local Health District and the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and include clinical studies of medications used for pain, delirium, bowel obstruction and for breathing difficulty.

Psycho-social studies have included a study of how patients cope with the uncertainty of living with a terminal illness; assisting couples communicate about end of life issues; unmet needs of patients with high grade brain tumours; how family meetings with the palliative care team affect patients’ and families’ experience of decision-making during their time in palliative care; understanding the journey of patients from culturally and linguistically diverse communities; sleep among caregivers of patients in palliative care and a study exploring carers’ experience of the death; and the support they received and their grief and coping over the first two years of bereavement.

Other research activities involve smaller projects looking at the quality of care for our patients, and how we can improve their experience of our service.

Research and Ethics Committee

All research proposals received by the Calvary Health Care Kogarah Research and Ethics Committee are to be submitted on the National Ethics Application Form in compliance with HREC requirements and will be assessed for compliance with the Catholic Health Australia Code of Ethical Standards (LCMHC policy 5.2.2).

The Calvary Research and Ethics Committee is constituted in consideration of the philosophy and ethics of Little Company of Mary Health Care and Calvary Health Care Kogarah.

The Calvary Health Care Kogarah Research and Ethics Committee is committed to research. Its role is to:

  • Ensure adherence to the philosophy of Calvary Health Care Services and the Catholic Church.
  • Ensure that it is a monitoring body in relation to ethical issues and practice within Calvary Health Care Kogarah Service and to provide a consultative service to staff, patients and families.
  • Be aware of and adhere to regulations regarding the conduct of research on humans and to follow the current literature issued by the NH&MRC.
  • Provide surveillance of research projects until completion thereof so that the Committee may be satisfied that they continue to conform to approved ethical standards and research methodology.
  • Identify and make recommendations on emerging moral and ethical issues insofar as they relate to the health care provided by Calvary Health Care Kogarah.
  • Consider and advise on current problems and practices in respect of such issues as are identified.
  • Examine and report on significant and complex cases arising in the health service or Calvary Health Care Kogarah.
  • Recommend appropriate educational programs relating to ethical and moral matters for staff and/or Committee members.
  • Ensure that the approval of research is accompanied by a protocol for the lodging of complaints, and that the complaints procedure is carried out.

Step One – Create submission

All submissions must be completed on the new REGIS system – some Local Health Districts are still transitioning to this ethics submission system so check with the Research Office in your Local Health District.  At some Local Health Districts the NEAF and LNR Forms are still accepted.

All applications must include a proposal, a copy of the Ethics Application (submitted on-line), a participant information and consent form, copies of any questionnaires and/or interview schedules; letter of invitation to participate in the research study or any other project related material.

All applications must be approved by a Human Research and Ethics Committee (HREC).  Calvary Health Care Kogarah Research and Ethics Committee only gives approval from a Catholic Health perspective.  We are not a Lead HREC.  Each LHD has its own HREC.

Step Two – Send submission

All submissions should be submitted electronically to Professor Liz Lobb, Chairperson, Calvary Health Care Kogarah Protocol Review Committee.

Step Three – Protocol Review

All submissions will be reviewed by the Calvary Health Care Kogarah Protocol Review Committee.

 Template for Proposed Research Projects

Step Four – Assessment by Research and Ethics Committee

All submissions approved by the Protocol Review Committee will be forwarded to the Calvary Health Care Kogarah Research and Ethics Committee will be assessed for compliance with HREC requirements and with the Catholic Health Australia Code of Ethical Standards (LCMHC policy 5.2.2)

Step Five – Notification

Chief investigators will be notified in writing of each submission approved by the Calvary Health Care Kogarah Research and Ethics Committee.

Annual reports of all ratified proposals are required. Failure to submit regular progress reports may result in approval for the project being withdrawn.

Notification of completed research should be forwarded to the Chairperson Calvary Health Care Kogarah Research and Ethics Committee.

Calvary Health Care Kogarah’s Research and Ethics Committee meets bi-monthly. Calvary’s Protocol Review Committee will meet in the month prior to this meeting.

Papers due

14 November 2018

Protocol Review Committee

7 November 2018

Research  and Ethics Committee

10 October 2018

12 December 2018


Committee Members

Membership of Calvary Research & Ethics Committee

  • Professor Elizabeth Lobb (Chair)
  • Ms Susan Uhlmann
  • Bishop Terrence Brady
  • Sister Patricia Bolster
  • Ms Catherine Logan
  • Dr Matthew Gardiner
  • Dr Nicholas Cordato
  • Ms Jane Graham
  • Ms Sue Mouthaan (Consumer)

Membership of the Protocol Review Committee

  • Professor Liz Lobb (Head of Research at Calvary Health Care Kogarah; Chair of Calvary Research and Ethics Committee)
  • Ms Susan Uhlmann (Governance Officer)
  • Dr Jan Maree Davis (Medical Director)
  • Dr Safrina Thristiawati (Senior Research Officer)
  • Mr Joshua Cohen (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Ms Sue Mouthaan (Consumer)



Liz Lobb
Head, Research Unit, Calvary Health Care Kogarah
Professor of Palliative Care.  Chair, Calvary Palliative and End of Life Care Research Institute
Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine, the University of Notre Dame, Sydney