The purpose of the Calvary Public Hospital Human Research and Ethics Committee (HREC) is to ensure the principles of ethically good human research is practiced when research is being conducted in this hospital.

CPHB HREC ensure that consistently high ethical standards are maintained and that research undertaken within the hospital protects the interests of research participants, investigators and the institution. In carrying out these functions, Calvary HREC at all times adheres to the ethical guidelines detailed in the NHMRC National Statement while also respecting our local cultural and social attitudes.

For more information about Calvary Public Hospital Bruce Human Research Ethics Committee, please contact Tania Maley on 6201 6091 or via email .


HREC Meeting Dates 2021

Meeting Dates Application Closing Dates
February 17 January 22
April 14 March 26
June 16 May 21
August 18 July 23
October 13 September 24
December 15 November 26


A full package of information about Calvary Public Hospital Bruce Human Research Ethics programs, including applications forms and supplementary information, is available here.

When is HREC approval necessary?
Ethics approval should be considered for any study which will involve patients, staff, volunteers, personal information, historical information and records access. Such studies may take many forms and be of either a quantitative or a qualitative nature. Contact the HREC ( for details if your research is in this category.