Visiting hours

At Calvary Public Hospital Bruce we understand that having visitors is an important part of ensuring the well-being and recovery of our patients.

General visiting hours

Visiting hours at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce are from 10am – 8pm with a rest period between 1pm – 3pm.

Maternity visiting hours

Visiting hours for our Maternity ward are from 8am – 9pm with a rest period between 12.30pm – 3pm.

Overnight stays

At particular times during a patient’s stay, it may be appropriate for a family member, close friend or carer to stay overnight. Please discuss this with the Clinical Nurse Consultant or Clinical Midwife Consultant leading the patient’s care team.

Local accommodation

If you’d like to stay close to Calvary Public Hospital Bruce please review our Accommodation page for recommendations.

Confirming visiting times

Visitor access is flexible in our Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit.

Visitor numbers in these areas are restricted, so we would appreciate you limiting visitor numbers at any one time. Doing so recognises the need for seriously ill patients to avoid undue disturbance and also enables our staff to provide the critical care required for patientsIf you’d like to visit a patient in either of these services, please call the switchboard on 02 6201 6111 and ask to be connected to the Clinical Nurse Consultant or Team Leader.