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What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to empower people with disability to work towards achievements, to identify the disability related support they need to meet their goals, to choose where they would like to buy their supports and provide support to carers. Find out more about the NDIS and what it means for you (link)

  • people with a permanent disability and children with developmental delay; their family and carers, by funding reasonable and necessary support for each person’s unique needs
  • all Australians, by providing a safety net for anyone who acquires a disability in the future.

No, the funding under the NDIS is not means tested. Support is related to a patients disability and the supports they need.

The NDIS acknowledges that families and carers need support, so the person with disability has the support they require so that family and carers can live their lives.

This may mean:

  • additional support at times when family or carers are at work
  • ‘respite’ for the client, where they can undertake activities independently of family
  • building capacity to ensure the client’s needs reduce over time, or
  • provision of equipment or technology that increases independence and reduces reliance on others.

NDIS plans focus on the whole of life support a person requires, this includes maximising outcomes for the client, their family and carers.

What does the NDIS fund?

No, there are not set package amounts. A NDIS plan aims to give a client the supports they need to be as independent as possible, reducing their need for support over time. The cost of the package is determined only by what is included in it. This might change each time a clients plan changes.

The NDIS funds the reasonable and necessary disability related support that participants require to meet their needs and achieve their goals.

The NDIS is designed to empower those with disability to work towards their goals, to identify the disability related support they need to meet their goals, and to choose where they would like to buy their supports.

NDIS supports are funded to:

  • help a person to reach their goals
  • enable participation in the community (social and economic), and
  • increase a person’s independence.

The NDIS is responsible for providing the funding and making the rules about the new way of providing disability support in Australia. The NDIA is the National Disability Insurance Agency. They are the people who will work with you to access the support your needs if you are eligible for the NDIS.

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