Mary Potter Birthday – Awards 2020

Every November, across all Calvary sites and services, we celebrate Venerable Mary Potter’s Birthday.

Mary Potter, born in 1847, in England, was the Foundress of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary. These Sisters dedicated themselves to a ministry of prayer and care for the sick and the dying. They established many hospitals and health care services that are now known, collectively as ‘Calvary’. Calvary is committed to continuing the Sisters’ legacy of compassionate, holistic care.

The celebration of Mary Potter’s birthday is an occasion on which we honour staff who have served Calvary for many years and those whose peers have nominated them for recognition for outstanding service to our patients and exemplary demonstration of our Calvary values.

Congratulations to the following 2020 Mary Potter Award Recipients:


Winner: St Catherine’s Ward

Everybody wants to feel welcomed, to feel wanted and to belong. Hospitality is the way we acknowledge and give life to these feelings.


Winner: Case Management Team

Our patients want to be cared for as whole people. They want their emotions and their spirit to be cared for as well. Healing is how we respond to this.


Winner: Nick Brown, Supply Officer

All we have is given to us as a gift – stewardship is about how we use these gifts wisely to help our patients


Winner: Stephanie Brabin, Pastoral Care Team Leader

We all want to be treated with dignity and to be valued for who we are. Respect is about how we treat all people

Spirit of Calvary

Winner: Milena Saunderson, Clinical Manager St Helen’s

Our behaviour exemplifies the spirit of Calvary in all we do and what we have achieved.

Congratulations also to those who were nominated for Awards:


Kimberley House
J. Anderson
K. Hobbs
B. McAllister
C. Weldon
M. Hooper
T. West
L. Windley
M. Barnett
L. Hartzenberg
DPS Leadership Team
Z. Jarrett
L. Ryan
A. Desimone


Congratulations to the following staff who have received awards acknowledging their care and service:


40+ years 10+ years 5+ years
J. Burford R. O’Leary R. Cameron
K. Thomas C. Annandale G. Richardson
C. Polomka C. Murphy E. Kilpatrick
M. Saunderson E. O’Leary
35+ years J. Nayagam J. Willett
J. Fielding-Melders M. Irudayaraj E. Jenkins
J. Beck B. Hum K. Koop
R. Alympic A. Pan M. Miller
J. Bockman W. Song S. Spehr
K. Thompson M. Birch N. Jeeraboon
G. Karolewicz J. Ciesluk C. Newton
J. Clarke F. Ienari R. Nihill
B. Padiyanickal Baby A. Clarke
30+ Years L. Kyriacou E. Tattersall
T. Simpson G. Yap G. Bachhal
L. Hayes M. Yap H. Sargeant
I. Rutsch M. Vihervaara L. Scarfo
D. Genovese R. Judd S. Kaplan
L. Barola K. Fiebig
25+ years P. Kochumuttom R. Dearman
A. Tsitsis F. Agbulos D. Matthews
S. Lynch J. John P. Bansal
D. Cameron J. Joseph D. Brack
P. Russell E. Rennison
20+ years A. Parry A. Blight
M. Bettcher A. Wright N. Brown
J. Stankevicius B. Perez Garcia B. Bell
R. Hockley B. Mead
S. Tuke
15+ years
A. Broadbent
R. Totos
D. Gill
M. Farrelly
L. Ryan
J. Waldegrave