We move forward as Calvary

Final Update 19 August 2022

Over the past nine months we have started to grow, learn and care together as one larger organisation.  

This period has allowed us to:

  • Get to know each other
  • Understand how we want to integrate our ways of working
  • Integrate some of our key systems and related business processes

We are now one Calvary and even though we have a lot of internal and regulatory change ahead of us, these changes will no longer be unique to ‘new Calvary’.  

As we continue to drive change to improve on our services which enable our mission of ‘Being for others’, we are moving towards a new way of embedding the visibility and management of this change as part of business-as-usual.


Where to go for information and support:

  • This microsite will remain in place for some time yet, but it will no longer be updated post 19 August 2022.
  • This is the last edition of the Integration Update (EDM) will cease to exist, the last edition will be edition 13 on 19 August 2022.
  • Future changes and updates will be provided via the My Calvary app and Message from Martin or via targeted communications specific to a change activity or project.
  • The Integration inbox ([email protected]) will no longer be in use from 19 August 2022.
  • The Integration Story form is no longer available. Please share your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]
  • For questions or concerns about upcoming or existing changes, please refer to your Home Manager or Team Leader in the first instance.


What is happening?

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration is nearing completion with the final go live scheduled for 29 August.

Please note that all payslips are now distributed via the MyCalvary app, except for staff in Victoria this will commence from 1 September for Green cycle homes and 15 September for Blue cycle homes (going live on 29 August). For more information on the Payroll Integration, click here.

Take a moment to familiarise yourself with My Calvary app, click here for more information.


Home Optimisation

We have completed the first phase of the Home Optimisation program by creating clarity around roles and responsibilities and refocusing on the right activities at the right time to continuously improve the welcome experience for our residents and their families. We are still recruiting for a number of roles and are turning our focus to aligning processes with this revised focus and putting together a training program with an external training provider.

For more information please click here.


My Calvary App

The My Calvary App will transform the way we engage, work and connect through the use of mobile digital technology. The My Calvary App is now available to all Aged Care staff since Tuesday, 9 August 2022. By using the app, all employees will have 24-hour access to key Calvary information and resources via their work or personal mobile device – any time, day or night.


Integration Progress

How we Grow, Learn and Care together

How do you experience our integration journey? We want to hear from you. Please send us an email [email protected] or simply share your story by clicking HERE.

Calvary Corymbia gets blessed on its birthday

One year ago, Corymbia was the latest aged care home to open its doors to new residents. There were many Covid-related challenges, and in November, the home joined Calvary alongside 49 other homes. One year on, Home Manager Rinu Shaya decided it was finally time to celebrate all the year’s achievements by having her home formally blessed in Calvary tradition.

Corymbia is the first of the new Calvary homes to be officially blessed. To do so, Matt Peel from our Mission Team and Father Satheesh, the local Catholic Parish Priest, attended the birthday celebrations to lead the blessing prayers. The act of blessing one of our locations is of particular significance, as it is a way of asking God to be present in a special way in this place where we live our Mission by providing care and ‘Being for Others’.

How to deal with Change

In this regular segment of the Integration Update, we will share insights that will help us better understand our emotions around change and find practical ways to overcome some of the challenges. Understandably, many of us at Calvary are currently going through these emotions, especially when considering the big changes the organisation has just undergone.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Established in Australia in 1885 by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, Calvary is a not-for-profit Catholic health care organisation.

Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate health care to the most vulnerable, including those reaching the end of their life.

Our vision is to be the health, community and aged care provider of choice, providing quality integrated care for our patients, residents and clients across our hospitals, residential care and home care services.

Calvary’s values are Hospitality, Healing, Stewardship and Respect. But why not hear it from the National CEO himself? Watch Martin Bowles’ video here

Calvary is on an exciting growth journey to fulfil its vision of becoming the health, community and aged care provider of choice, delivering integrated, seamless, safe and quality care with equity and compassion. Japara’s presence in 5 states and substantial footprint in Victoria are attractive to Calvary, increasing our number and locations of health services.

In joining Calvary, our larger organisation will now be able to influence the future of health and aged care and serve a larger community, to the benefit of all patients, residents, clients, and employees across Australia.

As the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, who established Calvary 136 years ago, focused on the needs of vulnerable people, we see ourselves as pioneers of needed change in the health and aged care sector. Successfully delivering on this goal is essential to achieving our mission: ‘Being for Others’.

The Majority of Japara’s former operations and leadership team form part of the Calvary organisation led by National Chief Executive Officer, Martin Bowles, and overseen by The Little Company of Mary Health Care Board of Directors. The new post-acquisition structure has been developed in cooperation with Japara management. It will focus on the successful integration of Japara staff while reflecting the firm commitment to Calvary’s integrated care strategy and regional structure.

Calvary’s headquarters will remain in Sydney. Calvary is a national business with people working in many different locations across the country. We have national team members based in corporate offices in Mount Waverley in Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Newcastle, and we will maintain the Japara support office in Southbank, Melbourne.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Japara and Calvary office staff have effectively moved to remote working, and it is expected flexible working arrangements will continue where appropriate.

Salary Packaging is now available for all Calvary Health Care employees. You can find out more and sign up by visiting our Employee Benefits page.

Fitness Passport is a discounted workplace health and fitness program available to Calvary employees and their families. For a fraction of the price of a regular gym membership, the Fitness Passport gives unlimited access to a wide range of gyms, pools and fitness centres. Its purpose is to motivate Australians to participate in exercise by removing the barriers of cost and limited choice.

The Fitness Passport program is expected to go live across most of Calvary in February 2022.

All new staff should now have received their Calvary name badge. If not, please contact your supervisor to ensure that you are always identifiable at work.

Calvary does not permit the use of lanyards in front-line roles and when in close contact with residents or patients for infection control reasons.

Staff currently wearing a Japara uniform will, in time, get to wear new uniforms that represent Calvary’s collective connection to its mission, values and reputation.

Due to supply chain issues, deliveries have suffered some delays and we want to thank you all for your continued patience during this process and hope you get to enjoy your new uniform tops very soon.

For all employees at existing Calvary homes, please order your annual top-up uniforms now. Check your email inbox to find out how.

Everyone is welcome at Calvary. You do not need to be Catholic to work at Calvary. We welcome people of all faiths and people who choose not to follow any religion. Calvary is for everyone.

To find out more about Calvary’s mission and values, click here.

There are various ways to find more information:

Website: Frequently check this webpage for the latest updates to FAQs and other information.

Newsletter: There will also be information provided via newsletter, posters and video – look out for details posted around the home or office.

Manager: Your manager is a good source of information. Just ask!

Contact us: You can also register your questions via this email: [email protected] and we will do our best to respond within two working days.


Calvary Policies and Procedures

To help ensure we conduct business according to the values embodied in The Spirit of Calvary and our Mission and Values, our policies define what we expect of ourselves in caring for others and the environment.
We are now happy to advise that we are in the final stages of policy integration and as of 1 July 2022, all Calvary policies will apply to employees who joined Calvary through the acquisition of Japara.

Between now and July 2022, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with Calvary policies and procedures. You can access these on your personal device, and we are also working to install additional devices in our homes.

To assist you with your review, we would like to highlight the following key updates:

  • Calvary Family and Domestic Violence Leave Policy provides for 10 days paid leave (an increase of 5 days).
  • Leave Policy no longer required, as Calvary’s leave policies are tailored to the leave type, each of which align with legislative requirements.

All Calvary HR policies will apply from 1 July 2022. We encourage you to visit Calvary Connect to find all other relevant policies, the Code of Conduct, and frequently asked questions for employees.

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Criminal and Related History Screening Policy
  3. Grievance Management Policy and Procedure
  4. Managing Misconduct Policy and Procedures
  5. Managing Under Performance Policy
  6. Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination
  7. Marketing Consent Form
  8. Media Enquiries Procedure
  9. Public Relations and Media Policy
  10. Salaried Staff Remuneration Policy
  11. Social Media Usage Policy
  12. Speak Out Procedure
  13. Workplace Behaviour Policy and Procedure
  14. Workplace Diversity Policy
  15. Visiting in Calvary Homes during COVID-19
  16. Calvary Enquiry Form
  17. Guide to displaying Calvary policies


Additional Documents

  1. Calvary Aged Care Homes Locations Map
  2. New Payslip
  3. Calvary Mission Vision Values
  4. Calvary Purchase Order Form
  5. Resident Handbook
  6. Employee Communication Policy Integration