My Calvary

Welcome to My Calvary, the new “work buddy” app that gives you immediate access to key communications and work resources via your mobile phone.


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Access via your desktop or laptop


What is My Calvary?

Transforming the way we engage, work and connect through the use of mobile digital technology, the My Calvary app is available to download from Android and iOS Play Stores. By using the app, as a current employee, you will have 24-hour access to key Calvary information and resources via your work or personal mobile device – any time, day or night.

My Calvary app is part of Calvary’s Digital Strategy, which will grow our capacity to serve more people in our communities; while at the same time introducing efficiencies to allow you to focus on what you do best, caring for others.




Getting Started

My Calvary is available via your iPhone, iPad or Tablet, Android Phone to download.
Online access is also available from your Desktop or Laptop computer.

Installation takes about three minutes to complete the setup process. You will need your Calvary (windows) login and password.
When you reach the App Store, Search for My Calvary Team.