Sarah Moberley

Sarah Moberley (PhD, MPH, BN) Senior Research Fellow


Sarah Moberley is an Epidemiologist with over 10 years experience in health research and is very excited to have recently joined the Department of Palliative Care. Sarah holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne and Masters of Public Health from James Cook University. She has overseen a range of mixed methods research programs including vaccine trials, operational and clinical research in various settings including Africa and Australia.

Sarah’s main focus in research is understanding the needs of our patients and their loved ones, and measuring how well we are meeting those needs.

Sarah is supporting investigator-led research within the Department including Hospice and Community services. Current studies include an assessment of models of specialist palliative for community based and residential aged care patients.



Research Areas

Palliative Care, models of care, clinical trials.

Publications / Achievements

For more information about Sarah Moberley’s academic achievements and publications can be found here:


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