Madhu Garg

Madhu Garg (MSc) Hospital Scientist


Madhu Garg has been conducting lab based research for the Medical Oncology Department since 1993. As part of the experimental therapeutics group, she has been involved in various cancer research projects in the area of precision medicine including drug pharmacokinetics, therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacogenetics, telomere biology and various biomarkers studies to predict drug toxicity. Other projects include assessment of drug effects (single and combined effects of anticancer agents), and drug stability studies. She has developed high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and LC-MS/MS methods to assess a number of anticancer agents in cancer patient samples and has gained reputation to a level that Calvary Mater Newcastle Medical Oncology Laboratory now receives samples from all over Australia / New Zealand as they are the only facility in Australia with the expertise to conduct these studies.


Medical Oncology

Research Areas

Diagnostics/screening, therapeutic drug monitoring, side effects/adverse reactions, glioblastoma, adrenocortical cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, genetics, therapy and treatment

Publications / Achievements

Madhu is currently conducting cancer research in the areas of precision medicine including drug measurement (pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), Studies of various biomarkers to predict drug toxicity, assessment of drug effects (single and combined effects of anticancer agents) and drug stability studies.

More information about Madhu Garg academic achievements and publications can be found here:

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