Dr Katie McGill

Dr Katie McGill B Arts Hons (Psych); DPsych (Clin) Suicide Prevention Research Lead


Dr Katie McGill is a Clinical Psychologist who has been working in suicide prevention and mental health promotion for over 20 years. Working collaboratively with Professor Greg Carter and local health services, she leads work that builds the capacity of health services and the community to translate evidence into practice and find out what works ‘in the real world’ for suicide prevention.

Her research aims to:

  • build knowledge about best practice care for people at risk of suicide;
  • establish capacity for the capture and better use of self-harm and suicide data at a clinical, community, health service and policy level;
  • expand evaluation of suicide prevention services and initiatives in the ‘real world’;
  • increase understanding of the needs of, and give voice to, the perspectives of the people that mental health and suicide prevention interventions are meant to benefit, communicating this in a way that it can inform practice and policy; and
  • explore the effectiveness of suicide prevention initiatives from an implementation science perspective, in order to improve translation efforts.

Katie is also an early career researcher exploring how health service data can better inform suicide prevention planning, policy and practice, supported by a PhD scholarship sponsored by Suicide Prevention Australia and Regional Australia Bank.


Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

Research Areas

Suicide prevention, mental health, health services research, therapy and treatment, dissemination and implementation

Publications / Achievements

Dr McGill is currently working on a range of treatment and intervention trials, epidemiological and public health data analyses, assessment and service evaluations, and systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

More information about Dr Katie McGills’ academic achievements and publications can be found here:


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