Dr Hiren Mandaliya

Dr Hiren Mandaliya (MBBS, MD, FRACP) Medical Oncologist


Dr Hiren Mandaliya is a locally trained medical oncologist/researcher and has been conducting research in the field of medical oncology at Calvary Mater Newcastle since 2018. Following attainment of his fellowship, he joined Calvary Mater Newcastle to broaden his research experience and while there he works with local clinicians, scientists and researchers in the field. His main focus in research is translational research particularly in the field of gynaecological cancers with collaboration of scientists at Calvary Mater Newcastle/University of Newcastle/HMRI, exploring prognostic/predictive biomarkers in the field of colon/lung cancers and clinical trials. His research work and interests have also focused on psychosocial aspects of cancer survivors and medical students’ education.

Dr Mandaliya has conducted research projects for breast, lung, gastrointestinal and other malignancies. He has presented his research results at various local, national and international conferences such as ASCO and ESMO. He is a recipient of 2019 Conquer Cancer foundation of ASCO Merit Award for his work on mortality within 30 days of immunotherapy (checkpoint inhibitors) in metastatic cancer patients.

He is also an active member of Future Leaders Group of Hunter Cancer Research Alliance (HCRA). He has a strong commitment to medical education and is affiliated as a conjoint lecturer with the University of Newcastle.


Medical Oncology

Research Areas

Gynaecological cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, clinical trials

Publications / Achievements

More information about Dr Hiren Mandaliya’s academic achievements and publications can be found here:


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