Belinda Allen

Belinda Allen Bachelor of Applied Science (in physiotherapy) Physiotherapist-In-Charge / Outpatient Senior Clinician Specialist Level 4 Physiotherapist


Belinda Allen has been conducting treatment based clinical trials in collaboration with the University of Newcastle and Calvary Mater Newcastle Radiotherapy Department since 2014. Belinda believes that through research she can help improve the quality of life and treatment options available to cancer patient’s that are suffering physical side effects from the disease or treatment. Most of her work has been on preventing or treating the side effect of incontinence.

From 2014-16 Belinda was the principal treating continence physiotherapist for research titled, ‘Maximising pelvic floor muscle function and continence status in men receiving radiation therapy with or without neoadjuvant androgen deprivation therapy for early-stage prostate cancer: a pilot continence promotion study.

In 2014, Belinda was the physiotherapist involved in EMG studies for the following research paper. Scapular Muscle Exercises Following Neck Dissection Surgery for Head and Neck Cancer: A comparative electromyographic study.


Allied Health

Research Areas

Clinical trials in prostate cancer, head and neck cancer and gastrointestinal cancer

Publications / Achievements

Since 2018 Belinda has been the Principal Treating Continence Physiotherapist for research titled – ‘A study of pelvic floor muscle exercises compared to standard care to improve bowel function following ileostomy/colostomy reversal’.

More information about Belinda Allen’s academic achievements and publications can be found here:

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