Radiation Oncology Clinical Trials Unit

Research in the Department of Radiation Oncology is focused on ways to predict and monitor the delivery of more targeted therapy in order to spare healthy tissue. We also focus on promoting a multidisciplinary approach to care, integrating radiation therapy with other cancer therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Our research coordinators have experience conducting local investigator initiated research and also Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. We collaborate with many sponsors including AbbVie, ANZUPAGITGANZGOGMASC, Pfizer and TROG Cancer Research. We have access to a dedicated clinical trial pharmacy and provide biological specimen processing and storage services.

We have approximately 30 trials active at any one time. Some of these are actively recruiting, whilst others are continuing with comprehensive follow-up for patient outcomes. Our trials treat malignancies throughout the body including sites such as breast, prostate, rectum, liver, oesophagus, lung, skin and brain.

Radiation Oncology

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